Young Research Scholars Program seeking applications for the 2022-24 cohort

The Young Research Fellows (YRF) program is currently seeking applications for its 2022-24 cohort. Young research fellows, guided by a faculty mentor, engage in two years of group mentorship in early research and creative research development and have access to funding of up to $7,000 for research expenses. research upon presentation of approved budgets.

The YRF program expects active participation in group mentorship for two years, followed by engagement with new YRF members during the Fellow’s final undergraduate years. Scholars can tap into their research funds at any time during their undergraduate career. Faculty mentors are eligible for a two-part grant of $750 in research funds. The program is supported by the Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (SOURCE) and the Center for Scholarship and Scholarship Advice (CFSA).

Brianna Gillfillian, a second-year computer science student at the College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), is currently a YRF Scholar. She works with ECS Dean Cole Smith on research related to cybersecurity.

Brianna Gilfillian

“I’m working on network interdiction, which simulates how a real network works and the ways it could be disrupted, like nodes under attack,” she says. “It gave me a better understanding of data transmission and how I can optimize various real-world network problems.”

Gillfillian says his SOURCE search experience has been excellent. “I’m really grateful to have been selected to be part of this program,” she says. “Even though I wasn’t sure at first how research would fit into computer science studies, I gave it a try and it was one of the best decisions I made. It gives me a competitive edge, helped me manage my time, and gave me more insight into my study program outside of the regular curriculum.

Jeremy Shinder, a sophomore film student at the College of Visual and Performing Arts, used his YRF funding to conduct archival research for script development and to enter one of his shorts, “The musical magician(2021) in competition with jury.

Jeremy Shinder

Jeremy Shinder

Shinder’s storyline highlights the shared relationship between two very different spiritual leaders of the American civil rights movement. As part of developing the script, he visited the American Jewish Archives of Dr. Jacob R. Marcus at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he had access to thousands of resources. “Being able to touch beautifully preserved documents dating back almost a century was breathtaking. Likewise, as a filmmaker, viewing some of the earliest photographs ever taken, hearing remarkably clear audio clips recorded using what was at the time considered revolutionary equipment is, quite simply, breathtaking. My trip to the archives was 10 times better than I expected.

“I will forever be indebted to the American Jewish Archives at Hebrew Union College for providing me with the solid foundation that will influence the historical accuracy of my script,” Shinder said. “I think it must be true when they say knowledge is power. For me, spending six hours in a library, reading more than ever in my life, might be one of the proudest moments in my life. This moment will forever serve as what we writers call “the triggering incident” at the dawn of my professional career.

The application deadline for the 2022 YRF cycle is Thursday, March 31. The program is open to students of all disciplines. To be eligible, students must:

  • Be a freshman;
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.75;
  • Have the endorsement of a faculty member willing to serve as a faculty mentor for the two-year program; and
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to research/creative research.

To apply, go to student application link.

Faculty mentors must:

  • Meet with the student at least twice per semester;
  • Complete a brief progress report each semester; and
  • View and approve student budget requests.

Faculty mentors are usually tenured or tenure-track professors. For teachers with other types of appointments, please contact the SOURCE. The faculty endorsement link can be found here.

If you have questions or need more information, call the SOURCE at 315.443.2091 or email Odette Rodriguez at [email protected]

The SOURCE provides funding opportunities and serves as a hub to foster and support diverse undergraduate student engagement in faculty-guided scientific inquiry and creative inquiry across all disciplines and programs at the University. of Syracuse. ACSA’s mission is to educate students, alumni, and faculty about nationally competitive scholarship and scholarship opportunities; help students and alumni identify scholarship opportunities suited to their interests and background; and to help them through all stages of the application process, from planning to submission to interviewing.

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