Won’t you be my neighbor? Costa Mesa campaign asks people to meet 10 neighbors

Neighbors can live next to each other for years without saying much more than a simple ‘hello’, but a new campaign in Costa Mesa aims to break the barrier of silence and build friendships through walls, lawns and fences.

“I’m glad you’re my neighbor” asks attendees to commit to introducing themselves to at least 10 people living in their neighborhood, and then send a contact sheet by December 20 to enter a raffle for the costs.

The effort is organized by Costa Mesa nonprofit Trellis – whose goal is to connect community members and groups with the aim of finding solutions to local problems – as a project of “Love Costa Mesa” , where neighbors volunteer to take care of each other and parks and local organizations.

Reina Cuthill, Director of Trellis’ Neighboring Initiative, explains that the new campaign is designed to help create small networks of neighbors across town who know and care about each other.

“Do you know physically the people around you? She asked. “It’s such an obvious thing, but it’s something that just isn’t common anymore. My goal is to get 100 people to start knowing their neighbors by name, so 1,000 neighbors will know each other. “

Cuthill assured that the names collected during the campaign would not be added to any type of list, but would simply be screened for participation. Those who participate in the campaign will receive a sign to promote the effort and presentation cards they can fill out, so neighbors can learn more about them.

Costa Mesa retiree Ralph Huelett, who has attended the annual Love Costa Mesa Days of Service and other Trellis programs, went to his own neighborhood in Westside with his canine companion Faye to meet some of the people living nearby. from him.

Faye is a great icebreaker and conversation starter when taking a walk, as people often approach her and ask questions about her. However, he is not averse to knocking on doors to extend his personal network a little more.

A neighbor who responded to her shot said that she and her husband were new to town and hadn’t met many people, Huelett recalls. She seemed grateful for the introduction.

“The initiative, for me, is really a wonderful thing,” he added. “It’s to help us understand that there is someone out there who wants to be there for us.”

Cuthill said talking to strangers can seem like an onerous task at first, but can be quite refreshing.

“I think people will be surprised at how rewarding the experience is when you just take these steps forward,” she added.

Those who register and submit contact sheets are eligible for one of four raffle prizes, including a free table dinner experience for four at Descanso, dinner for two at Newport Rib Co., five meals free and a “fun candy” from Chic-Fil-A or a gift basket with free meals from Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

To make the “I’m glad you are my neighbor” pledge and receive a garden sign, contact sheet and 10 presentation cards, register online at lovecostamesa.org. Participants can hand in contact sheets by sending an email to [email protected]

“Relationships really take away some of these negative emotions that a lot of people can have with their neighbors,” Cuthill said. “There is so much power when you become friends with the person next door. “

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