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In a world filled with robocalls and unwanted callers, it’s more important than ever to have a call blocker and caller ID app on your phone. Truecaller is one of the most popular call blocker and caller ID apps, and it recently released an update for iPhone users for better and more efficient operations. Truecaller’s latest iPhone app update is built from the ground up with some improvements. to help iPhone users identify and block unwanted calls.

How to use Truecaller

Truecaller is a powerful phone number finder and blocker that can be used on your iPhone. With Truecaller, you can easily find out who is calling you, even if they are not in your contact list. You can also block unwanted calls and spam.

If you’re unfamiliar with Truecaller, it’s a free app that lets you identify unknown callers and block unwanted calls. It also has a handy spam filter that blocks unwanted messages.

To use Truecaller, simply download the app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone. Once installed, open the app and allow it to access your contacts.

Now whenever you receive a call from an unknown number, Truecaller displays the caller’s name (if available) and location. You can also see a list of recent calls from unknown numbers in the history section of the app.

If you want to block a particular number, just tap the number in the question and select “Block number”.

Updated Truecaller app for iPhone

If you have ever used Truecaller on your Android device, you know how useful the app can be. Fortunately, Truecaller has been updated for iOS, and there are a few new features to check out. Here’s a quick guide to a few improvements that make it possible to access the Truecaller app on your iPhone.

Better caller ID

Truecaller says it’s built an all-new architecture from the ground up that can take advantage of iOS’s advanced background features more effectively. The app relies on the Truecaller community to report spam numbers in real time. With this, it has developed and improved the latest, most accurate and comprehensive caller ID and spam detection for every geography by automatically updating spam information without you having to lift the little finger.

How to use Truecaller

This means you don’t have to wait after the call to look up a number, as your Truecaller app will be able to identify it while it’s ringing. The app also has a complete design refresh which results in much faster registration and easier navigation in the app.

Caller ID Emojis

Caller ID emojis can be useful to quickly identify a verified or spam call. Any numbers that have a high spam activity report will be identified with a red light emoji. All numbers verified by Truecaller will be identified with a green tick emoji. If you receive a call from an Android Truecaller user, those calls will be identified by a Smartphone emoji. For all unidentified calls, they can be searched on Truecaller. Once you’ve done a search, future calls from that number will be identified with a magnifying glass emoji.

Search without opening the app

You can search for a number without opening the Truecaller app. If you have a missed call from an unknown number, you can simply go to your call log, tap the info button, and “Share contact” with Truecaller. It will identify the caller’s name and then it will show up in your iPhone’s call log. Also, if that number calls again, the Truecaller Caller ID will identify it as it rings.

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Upcoming Features in Truecaller for iPhone

Truecaller also outlined some of the upcoming features for the iPhone app. This includes:

  • Major improvements to SMS filtering, spam detection and community services, including a redesigned number lookup widget to find unknown callers even faster.
  • The iPhone app will also benefit from automatic blocking of major spammers, the ability to view detailed statistics on numbers marked as spam, and the ability to view and contribute comments on numbers marked as spam for additional context. .

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