Well-being is at the heart of the “Get on Board” campaign of the National Fishing and Boating Week

A new study by Take me fishing and Discover boating discovers a wellness deficit in America as recreational activities begin to reopen amid improving public health conditions. Based on the results, the two outdoor recreation organizations are launching their summer program Climb on board campaign this National fishing and boating week (NFBW), June 5-13, to help Americans of all walks of life close their wellness deficits by directly enjoying the benefits of the outdoors.

Research shows that just being outside or near water reduces stress and anxiety. With the help of the mental health actor Dr Jessica Clemons and a fleet of social media influencers, Get On Board will encourage, uplift and inspire Americans with its message that water is open to all.

“With health clubs, sports leagues, summer camps and more on hiatus last year, many of us found ourselves missing out on the activities we once depended on to maintain our well-being. – and as a result, we have built up a wellness deficit, “said Stephanie Vatalaro, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and its Take Me Fishing brand. “To address our wellness deficits, many of us have turned to outdoor recreational activities like fishing and boating as ways to responsibly recreate ourselves during the pandemic. Our focus now is on d ‘help everyone discover the healing power of nature. “

According to a new online survey of more than 2,000 American adults by The Harris Poll, most Americans agree that participating in outdoor recreation is good for mental well-being (89%) and physical (89%). And while many (70%) see people like them in outdoor recreation events, social media, advertising, etc., filling America’s wellness gap can start by inviting a larger population. diverse to experience the outdoors. More than 4 in 10 (43%) would be more likely to participate in outdoor activities if they saw more examples of people like them in the outdoor recreation industry.

“Being on, near or around water is one of the best ways to refresh and reset your mind, giving you the freedom to explore and escape stress on land,” said Ellen Bradley, vice-president. Senior President of Marketing and Communications and Chief Brand Officer for National Association of Boat Manufacturers and its Discover Boating initiative. “Water is experiencing a renaissance as more Americans discover fishing and boating as a way to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. In fact, the demand for new ones. boats have grown, sales peaking at 13 years in 2020 – and that’s just the start. Get On Board is designed to be a welcome call to relax, explore and connect with loved ones in a way that can only be experienced on the water. ”

To help raise awareness of the well-being benefits that everyone can experience both outdoors and on the water, the campaign will call on renowned mental health expert, Dr. Jessica Clemons, known for her @askdrjess social media platform. Announced as “The Internet’s favorite psychiatrist”, Dr. Clemons uses her social influence to encourage everyone to prioritize their well-being and take care of themselves.

“Without conscious effort, it’s easy to put your sanity on autopilot,” Dr. Clemons said. “Exploring new wellness-promoting activities like fishing and boating is a great way to close the wellness gap you may find yourself in after last year’s closures. This is especially true for people who have no previous fishing and boating experience. a sense of accomplishment and getting out of the routine can help you connect with friends, family, and yourself. “

As the study suggests, the likelihood of a person trying new outdoor activities often depends on first meeting the people they identify with in those activities. Based on this observation, Get On Board is deploying a fleet of influencers on social networks. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, their social influence will encourage Americans of all walks of life to fill their wellness gaps and have fun this summer enjoying the blessings of nature.

“Before being able to to be your best on the water, you must see give you your best on the water, ”Jenny Anderson said via her Instagram account @ girlof10000lakes. “There are many people in the outdoor community that you might not expect, and we share our stories using #WaterIsOpen. Joining us is as easy as using the hashtag yourself while enjoying nature. We want everyone to experience the wellness benefits of the outdoors, and an easy way to start is to introduce the breadth of the outdoor community. “

Get On Board comes with a variety of programs developed on behalf of the fishing and boating industries. Vamos A Pescar™ is the RBFF’s Hispanic outreach initiative, which provides fishing and boating information in Spanish, as well as essential funding for community programs nationwide through the George HW Bush Vamos A Pescar ™ Education Fund. Women making waves is the RBFF’s social media movement to increase the visibility of women in fishing. Other RBFF initiatives include the Mentor stories and I am a fisherman campaigns. By highlighting the experiences of unexpected participants in fishing and boating, RBFF and NMMA are committed to supporting the next generation in fishing and boating.

Anyone can celebrate the NFBW and enjoy the wellness benefits of the outdoors by getting into fishing and boating. An easy way for newcomers to test the water is to participate in the Free fishing days when the standard fishing license requirements are lifted. Those interested in boating can try it out through boat rental, peer sharing and yacht clubs.

Visit TakeMeFishing.org for tips for beginners, interactive water access maps, and more. Go to DiscoverBoating.com to find out how to start boating, anti-stress benefits boating and more. Visitors can also use the websites to buy a fishing license or register a boat, which help provide essential funding for conservation programs that preserve our waterways for the enjoyment of future generations.

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