Warner explains voter registration verification

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Nearly 170,000 registered voters in West Virginia will soon receive a request for verification from Secretary of State Mac Warner.

Mac Warner

Warner said the postcards will arrive within the next two weeks.

“This is required by law, both federal and state. This is the routine cleaning of the voter registration list, ”Warner said Thursday on WAJR’s Talk of the Town. “This is done to maintain confidence in the integrity of our elections.”

Voters’ status will remain active if their postcards are returned. If a postcard is not distributable or is not returned, the voter will become inactive. Even inactive voters will be allowed to vote in the next two cycles of federal elections. If the registration is not confirmed after that, it will be removed from the lists.

“Make sure you’re still at that address or you can update your address on the map,” Warner said. “You can scan the card, there’s a QR code and send it electronically. We’re just making it as easy as possible for people to verify that people are still at that or a new address in West Virginia. “

Statewide clerks recently verified that approximately 364,000 registrations were inactive and registered more than 255,000 new voters. Warner said the task is to ensure security and accuracy.

“It’s required by law, but it’s part of the process to make sure our voters lists are accurate,” Warner said. “We have a very important primary in May and it is very important that these voters lists are as accurate as possible.”

Officials try to keep the process as simple as possible so that as many people as possible can participate in the voting process.

“Govotewv.com and the first button says register to vote or update your registration. It’s really pretty easy to do,” Warner said.

People who voted or verified information in a BMV will not even receive the request.

“Most people won’t get this. Most people have voted or upgraded in the last four or five years at DMW, so most people won’t get it, ”Warner said.

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