Want your picture of the Colorado $ 1 million vaccine drawing, but can’t find your record in the state database? You’re not alone

According to VA website, up to 65,000 people in Colorado have been fully immunized through its system, but they are currently not in the state’s database. A VA spokeswoman said the two sides were trying to work things out.

“We’re in daily communication with the state to see how we can make it work,” said Brandy Morrison, public affairs officer at Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center.

Time is running out to find a solution. The first million dollar raffle will take place on Wednesday and the winner will be announced on Friday.

A spokeswoman for the state’s health department, via email, said the VA “does not enter immunization information into CIIS (the state’s database). the price.”

While it can be difficult to search the database, some vaccine registries just aren’t there.

And veterans are not alone.

It is difficult to know exactly how many people have been vaccinated in Colorado but are not listed in the national system. In many cases, people are unable to find their records in the public portion of the state database because they used a different nickname or email address when making their appointment. you for the vaccine and have since forgotten.

But the state’s health department acknowledged on Thursday that as many as 11% of vaccinations statewide did not reach the database within 72 hours of administration.

“Interestingly, only my first COVID vaccination was listed, my mother’s two were listed and we received them at the same time,” Anne Lindsey wrote to CPR. “I guess I’m one of the people the state has wrongly listed as waiting for my second dose. I guess cleaning up this database could be a side benefit of the contest. “

Others could not find themselves at all at the start.

“I’ll admit I would never have looked at the state’s immunization registry system without the competition news, but I checked ours, and we’re not in the system,” another wrote, Constance Edwards.

She said she and her partner received their vaccines in April and May. He got hers through King Soopers, she got hers through the federal site of UCHealth Loveland.

Edwards, who eventually found his records, raised the larger question raised by the discrepancies: “How do people get into the system and how can someone fix their own record if it doesn’t exist or is not correct? “

Lee, the Navy veteran, said his wife was vaccinated at Coors Field and all of her information was in the database during the verification.

“So she has a chance, that’s right,” he said.

Lee contacted the AV to see if he could get his name on the list. He was told that none of the people working there were in the database either and that the AV was trying to “work with Colorado to figure it out.”

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