Veriff Partners with Starship to Offer Identity Verification Services for Autonomous Robot Delivery Platform

Identity verification capability enables Starship to securely meet user verification and reauthentication requirements for age-restricted transactions

NEW YORK, January 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veriff, a global identity verification provider, today announced its partnership with spacecraft technologies, the world’s leading autonomous delivery service provider to provide authentication and reverification services for its fleet of autonomous delivery robots in the UK. With this partnership, Veriff adds an extra layer of safety and security to Starship’s services, making it the first company in the world to create a fully self-contained, end-to-end delivery service for age-restricted items.

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Launched in 2014 by the co-founders of Skype Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, Starship is revolutionizing food and package deliveries by providing users with convenient, low-emission delivery services through its fleet of autonomous robots, fully monitored through their smartphone app. Veriff will enable an additional level of security to Starship’s delivery platform to further verify the purchase and delivery of age-restricted items through user re-authentication through the platform. Veriff’s AI-powered identity verification.

“Partnering with Veriff allows Starship to independently deliver age-restricted items in the UK and beyond as we continue to expand into new markets and stores at a rapid pace,” said ryan tuhy, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales at Starship Technologies. “We are delighted to work with Veriff to provide the highest quality identity verification solutions to our users to ensure their security and peace of mind on our trusted platform.”

Starship Technologies operates daily around the world. Its robots have traveled millions of miles and made more than 100,000 road crossings every day and achieved more than two million autonomous deliveries by the end of last year. Using the Starship Food Delivery app on iOS and Android, users choose from a range of their favorite foods or drinks, then drop a pin to where they want their delivery sent. Users can then watch the robot move towards them via an interactive map. Once the robot arrives, they receive an alert, and can then meet and unlock it through the app once their identity has been verified using Veriff’s seamless biometric authentication technology at the time of delivery.

“Veriff is always on the lookout for organizations with next-age solutions that truly push the boundaries of technology in our daily lives, and Starship is a great example of that,” said Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and CPO of Veriff. “We are thrilled to partner with Starship to provide our unparalleled identity verification capabilities ensuring security and age appropriate verification for restricted products.”

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Veriff is a global online identity verification company that enables organizations to build trust with their customers through intelligent, accurate and automated online IDV. The largest database of document specimens on the market, Veriff’s intelligent decision engine can analyze thousands of technological and behavioral variables in seconds, matching people to over 10,000 government-issued IDs in more than 190 countries and in 40 languages. Founded in 2015, Veriff serves a global portfolio of organizations in the fintech, crypto and mobility industries. Veriff’s total secured funding to date is $92.8 million and its investors include IVP, Accel, Mosaic Ventures, Y Combinator, Nordic Ninja and others. To learn more, visit

About the ship

Starship Technologies is revolutionizing deliveries with autonomous robots. The robots are designed to locally deliver food, groceries and packages in minutes. Delivery robots have traveled millions of miles and made more than two million autonomous deliveries worldwide. Starship was founded by Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis (Chief Architect and co-founder of Skype) and Alastair Westgarth is the CEO.



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