Twitter check open to public apps

Twitter is once again accepting public applications from users seeking verification and is rolling out new guidelines to follow in order to keep the badge verified.

All users will soon be able to submit a verification request directly from their account settings screen.

Whether a request is accepted will depend on the user’s place in one of the six categories eligible for verification.

Verification apps have been closed to the public since 2017. Twitter has continued to verify accounts on a case-by-case basis, although some people and organizations deserving of verification have always been left out.

At the time, Twitter said it decided to shut down public apps because of the perception that a verified badge meant approval.

It never has, and hopefully people now have a better understanding of what a verified badge means.

It was announced last year that Twitter will be relaunching the public verification program in 2021 with some changes made.

We are there and the new program is being rolled out. Let’s take a look at what’s new.


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What ‘verified’ means, according to Twitter

Twitter specifies that a blue badge indicates that a High Public Interest account is genuine. It doesn’t mean anything more.

Regardless of the authenticity of an account, however, a verification badge may be removed for repeated violations of Twitter rules and guidelines.

Additionally, Twitter’s new guidelines state that verification status will be revoked for the following reasons:

  • The account becomes inactive or incomplete.
  • The person is no longer in the position that initially made them eligible for verification.
  • Attempts to impersonate or mislead users by changing display name or biography.
  • Serious violations committed resulting in immediate suspension.


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These revised guidelines should help avoid issues with people misinterpreting verification badges as approvals from Twitter. Verified users cannot engage in bad behavior and remain verified.

This is what it takes to keep a verified badge. Here’s what’s needed to get one in the first place.

Twitter verification eligibility

To qualify for verification, users must meet the criteria of one of the six categories listed below:

  • Government
  • Companies, brands and organizations
  • News organizations and journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and games
  • Activists, organizers and other influential people


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In addition to category-specific eligibility, users must be active on Twitter for the past six months, have a complete profile, and have a confirmed email address or phone number.

How Apple for Twitter Verification

The verification apps will be accessible to everyone over the next few weeks from the Account Settings tab of the Twitter app.

Gradual rollout means some users can get access now while others will have to be patient and wait a bit. Through this approach, Twitter can ensure that all requests are processed in a timely manner.

The application process involves telling Twitter which of the eligible categories you belong to and providing identification that proves your identity.


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Here are some sample screenshots:

Twitter check open to public apps

After the application is submitted, Twitter says users can expect a response in a few days to a few weeks. If an application is approved, the blue badge will automatically be applied to the user’s profile.


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Twitter plans to add more categories to the eligibility list later this year, such as scientists, academics and religious leaders.

Source: Twitter

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