Travel to Boulby’s 1 km underground laboratory to solve the mystery of dark matter

Nestled deep in a Yorkshire mineral mine is an underground laboratory that attempts to solve one of the universe’s greatest mysteries.

More than a mile below the Moors, scientists at Boulby’s government-funded underground laboratory are trying to prove the existence of dark matter – an unknown and invisible substance believed to make up about 85% of the universe.

“It’s good here because no radiation interference, a mile of rock above our heads, a perfect place to look for dark matter,” says Professor Sean Paling, who goes down to the ICL mine every day. to make revolutionary discoveries.

It is not just the questions about the universe that this laboratory aims to answer.

Due to the special conditions of this deep polyhalite mine, scientists can perform many experiments without interference from outside radiation.

This lab examines everything from sustainable energy research to tsunami early warning detectors.

On Friday, December 3, prominent scientists were invited underground to test the latest Mars Rover prototype in the hopes of finding life on the Red Planet.

The rover’s technology – now being tested in North Yorkshire – will one day be used to map the caves of our nearest neighbor.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council also works with teachers and schools to inspire students.

Some have developed their own Lego Mars Rover prototypes which are being tested in the mine here – as part of an effort to encourage young people from all walks of life to pursue their interest in science.

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