Tin Lid Protection Ltd Achieves Third Party Certification – Case Study

TLP Ltd became the first commercial drone company specializing in security only to be awarded the Commissioner’s third-party certification mark for its use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveillance cameras, having successfully completed the process of audit with IQ Verify, one of the program’s programs. UKAS approved and accredited certification bodies.

TLP Ltd is a commercial drone company specializing in security and public safety solutions, providing 3 basic services, “ Drone Security Support ”, “ Drone Security Threat Assessments ” and “ Counter Drone Defense Mapping ” . Together with security companies, law enforcement agencies and end customers, these 3 core services are delivered across the UK from their base in Wiltshire.

Third party certification

Third-party certification is a system that allows any organization that operates a surveillance camera system, including CCTV, body worn video, drones, automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) and automatic facial recognition (AFR) in a public space, to show that they do. therefore in accordance with the Code of practice for surveillance cameras.

The importance of the certification application for TLP Ltd

Chris Flannagan, CEO of TLP Ltd, said:

We applied for certification because we wanted to demonstrate to our customers and the public that our internal policies and procedures for collecting, managing and maintaining visual and audio data have been independently audited against a set of regulated standards.

SCC certification is a voluntary process, and it was an important factor for TLP Ltd, as we can demonstrate to our customers and members of the public that our commitment to their privacy and concern for the commercial drones are taken very seriously. TLP Ltd already took these concerns seriously and had strong internal policies to deal with these concerns. SCC voluntary certification elevates these robust internal policies to a level where people can have confidence in TLP Ltd. drone operations.

The benefits of certification

TLP Ltd is the first commercial drone company specializing only in security and public safety solutions to achieve SCC certification. Chris Flannagan says the benefits of this for their business are as follows:

To be able to demonstrate accountability and transparency in the operations of our drones to our customers and members of the public, against a set of independently assessed standards that they can consult and, if necessary, raise concerns. privacy concerns both directly to the company and to the surveillance camera commissioner

The third-party certification process

Regarding how easily they found the certification process with the program, Chris said:

Being independently audited against SCC standards is a rigorous process that assesses not only TLP Ltd policies and procedures, but also past drone deployments (flights).

We chose IQ Verify to help the company achieve SCC certification because TLP Ltd identified SCC certification to be past the last day of audit. The IQ Verify team helped us complete the SCC self-assessment toolkit and provided constructive feedback on our policies, procedures and governance, including strengths in this framework, but also areas for improvement. This support for a period of four weeks since IQ Verify has been essential in achieving SCC certification, as although the process was not easy due to CSC requirements, it was a development process that has ensured the success of the auditor.

What the commissioner has to say

Fraser Sampson, appointed commissioner of biometrics and surveillance cameras on March 1, said:

I am delighted to report that TLP Ltd has received my third-party certification mark because it means that they can visibly demonstrate to others that they are operating their drones in accordance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice – in other words, they are used proportionally. , in an efficient and transparent manner and in pursuit of a legitimate objective. Hopefully this will pave the way for other drone companies to achieve the same high standards.

You can find out more about the Third Party Certification program on the Commissioner’s website or contact his office at [email protected]

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