This all-in-one order search page to reduce customer queries by 3x

E-commerce is one of the toughest industries to operate when it comes to customer satisfaction and walking on footprints every D2C brand looks to Amazon, big market players like Flipkart for the same.

Solving this major industry problem, Sea route launched its order search page which will solve many customer queries without interacting with customer support team, and at the same time, it is a promising approach to deliver world-class customer experience for e-commerce brands D2C.

Every time a customer buys from a D2C website, some of their questions never change, such as:

Quick follow-ups, less resolute interaction, customer-centric service, are some of the things Shipway has addressed in their order search page to provide a good customer service experience.

“Implementation of Order Lookup Page has reduced customer support tickets by 30-40%” is what Parth Mashrani has to say about Shipway’s Order Lookup Page, the co-founder of a genuine D2C brand Capes India, since they started using this.

It’s high time to realize the post-purchase gap.

Every D2C merchant loves Amazon, Flipkart-like marketplaces, and wants to build their brand like these, but why?

For the level and quality of services, especially after-sales, that they offer to their customers. The main reason why people trust them, even if the product quality is not to their liking, is that they know that their problem will be resolved in a timely manner and they will receive a refund if necessary.

The trust customers lack in D2C brands makes them hesitant to buy.

This lack of trust in customers grew out of a lack of quality experience they faced – the post-purchase gap we’re talking about.

These 4 service sections are mainly what needs to be improved as post-purchase experience for D2C e-commerce brands:-

● Delivery Experience – One of the most frustrating experiences for shoppers is receiving a late order. Delivery speed, delivery options, delivery cost, delivery transparency are exactly what contributes to a positive delivery experience.

● Transparent communication – Real-time location updates and shipping status notifications have always been important to online shoppers and thus help to change their buying behavior.

● Retry request – Always keep customers updated with real-time order update. In case of unavailability to receive the order, notify them with a chance and an option to retry the delivery.

● Return request – Taking return requests and their updates over the phone or via email through the customer support team involves a lot of hassle and uncertainty for the customer.
You’ll be amazed to know that 60-65% of e-commerce customers don’t want to repeat their purchases if they had a bad delivery experience, and also don’t want to return if there’s no direct and quick solution. provided.

How does Shipway fill the gap with an order search page?

A good post-purchase experience not only makes a brand experience more memorable for customers, but can also increase customer retention rates.

According to 86% of online shoppers, the post-purchase experience is critical to their decision to buy again.

This all-in-one order search page to reduce customer queries by 3x

Shipway has created an “all-in-one” service page as an order search which includes –
1. Order Status
2. Proof of Delivery (POD)
3. Non-Delivery Tracking
4. Cross-sell opportunities
5. Order details and invoice downloads

Seeing the needs of D2C business customers and an in-depth study of customer behavior for repeat purchases, Shipway introduced this buyer-centric page for D2C e-commerce brands and called it an “Order Search Page.” “.

A platform that delivers an experience that can go beyond brand tracking pages and improve your customers’ post-purchase experience with your brand.

You wonder how?

Unlike a typical branded order tracking page, the order search page leverages branding to present more information to customers and increase their loyalty, LTV, and retention.

Upgrading from an order tracking page to an order lookup page will definitely give D2C e-commerce brands an advantage as they unknowingly shift 70% of their customer traffic to 3PL sites by sharing the direct order tracking link or their shipping partner’s tracking number. .

Lose that percentage of customer traffic, when you can drive it to your e-commerce site and encourage them to repeat the purchase!

Have you ever thought about keeping that traffic to your own website? When order status emails have such incredible open rates, why share all that traffic when you can keep it to yourself?

Shipway has few numbers to share for such a defined tracking page.
– Existing customers are more likely (60-70%) to buy your product or service than new customers (5-20%), at a lower cost (6-7 times less).
– Overall savings of 10-20% per year.
– Your business gains brand advocates and a dedicated brand community.

Make the shopping experience extravagant

The post-purchase experience gap, discussed at the beginning, if properly filled, can boost repeat purchase on any D2C website, just by adding a multi-branded custom-branded order tracking page. functions or a command search page. It alone can create the best opportunities for the D2C e-commerce brand to impress end customers and increase the percentage of sales.

Creating a great mix of personalization and marketing on one page is more likely to improve the post-purchase experience for customers.

To sum up the benefits of the order search page, the increased transparency in communication can lead to:
– Reduction of customer requests
– Reduced customer anxiety and negative experience
– Increased customer loyalty
– Positive word-of-mouth spread
– Improved brand reputation

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