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Do you think the first NFL regular season record to fall with extended season is regular season games? He is currently 17, shared by Chris Singleton (1993), Dexter Carter (1995), Jerry Rice (naturally) and Micah Ross (2004), Will Witherspoon (2009) and Will Allen (2013). Of course, games started in a single season will have a new high bar, as neither of those players started every game in their overtime seasons.

Didn’t Harrison Snacks do that too? We’ll have to start guessing who gets to play first in all 18 regular season games.

Based on his past defenses, how often do you expect Joe Barry to call for blitzes this coming season?

I couldn’t give you an exact percentage, but based on Brandon Staley’s defense, I think the Packers will be blitzing more frequently than they did last season.

Who will be our starting tight end?

Is this the strangest offseason ever?

We interviewed Aaron Rodgers from a Bed, Bath and Beyond parking lot last year.

Hello insiders! I have a theory. Aaron Rodgers understands he’s playing a high stakes card game. He chose not to play his “public declaration” card. He knows that if he did, it would explode, create more divisions and essentially eliminate any chance of reaching an agreement. Instead, he’ll let the hand play. If there is a deal then he will play his public card and it will be reconciliation rather than division which would be much better for the fans, the franchise and everyone involved.

Honestly, I don’t think about it. Rodgers will meet with Kenny Mayne on Monday evening. He’ll say something about the current situation … or he won’t. Either way, Spoff and I will always be questioned about this. So nothing I say on a random Saturday in May will affect anything in one way or another. I plead the 12 on this one.

Thanks to Twitter, I have a new wallpaper on my phone of Mike, Wes and Larry. My brother and I are curious, though, where did the action shot of Wes come from? We don’t see that you do a lot of racing on “Three Things”.

John from Rhinelander, WI

After reading Jacob’s submission on Underrated / Undervalued Players, I thought about LS on Teams. They are certainly not underestimated, but they face tremendous pressure in many games. Isn’t their salary low enough compared to most of the players on the team?

Yeah, in NFL terms, but it’s also not like we have to pass the hat off so these guys can make ends meet. It’s part of the gig – no different from their kicker and betting brethren.

How is someone selected to be the holder of the field goals and the PATs?

There are two prerequisites: Either you are a bettor or your name is Tim “Freakin” Boyle.

Chad from Rhinelander, WI

Hi Insiders! What prompted you to choose journalism as your career path?

Three things – I love talking to people, telling stories you’ve never heard before, and breaking news sometimes. I don’t get many of these anymore, but I would happily trade them in for a more stable paycheck.

Brandon from Kronenwetter, WI

I just started reading II quite recently and saw a few references to the “number that should not be named”. I’m probably missing something obvious, so forgive me if it’s a stupid question, but what’s the story behind it? Why can’t this number be named? Thank you.

This is the only time I’m going to park the inbox car to explain the lay of the land because you asked so nicely. The number 88 is the number that must not be named. It goes back to the 2016 season and all the dismay over Ty Montgomery wearing the number even after he passed to the running back. Over the years it has taken on a life of its own in Inbox.

Glad this forum is free, as you hopped the shark with questions about sports on Mars and the moon. Maybe this time of year you could cut down from six days a week to three. I know it’ll be a lot more interesting when we learn if The Pack is going to fight for a Super Bowl again or be relegated to too-rans. What do you think the Packers’ record with quarterback Jordan Love all season might be compared to Rodgers?

Or maybe you should reduce reading from six days a week to three?

Chris from Port Coquitlam, Canada

Supporting Nicholas of Baltimore, MD, no team can finish at .500. A team with an 8-8-1 record will have a win percentage of 0.471. We wouldn’t call a team that goes 0-0-17 a .500 team, would we be Spoff?

* Wes looks at the schedule for his next PTO day… sees he’s in another month… sobs softly to himself as he presses “Submit” and continues to exit the building. *

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