Technical assessment / strength of the pier: FOTCO invited to resubmit its proposal

ISLAMABAD: Qasim Port Authority (PQA) has ordered Fauji Terminal and Distribution Company Ltd (FOTCO) to submit a new modified design in its terminal to handle 100,000 DWT (deadweight tonnage) vessels under a supplemental implementation agreement (SIA).

FOTCO Jetty located at Kadiro Creek at the offshore terminal, Port Qasim was originally designed to accommodate tankers up to 75,000 DWT. FOTCO wanted to evaluate the existing jet structure to moor ships/tankers up to 100,000 DWT.

The PQA Secretary, in a letter to Chief Operating Officer M/s FOTCO, referred to the letter from FOTCO written on June 1, 2022 titled “Improving the DWT capability of the POL Vessel Docked at FOTCO and stated that FOTCO could provide a new full proposal for carrying out technical operations/strength assessment of the pier and associated infrastructure for handling a 100,000 DWT vessel” and Full Mission Bridge Simulation Studies (FMBS ) in accordance with international codes and standards. The proposal should be reviewed/assessed by the PQA Consultant, i.e. Nespak, and then the approval of the PQA Board should be sought.

Interview with Adnan Samdani, Managing Director – FOTCO and FTTL

The PQA Secretary further stated that FOTCO can conduct these studies to the complete satisfaction of all stakeholders. Upon receipt of these studies duly reviewed and approved by the PQA consultant, an additional implementation agreement subject to the approval of the PQA Board of Directors must be signed as the existing vessel handling capacity of the terminal is 75,000 DWT as per Implementation Agreement (IA).

In his letter, the PQA Secretary suggested that based on the terms and conditions of the SIA, FOTCO will provide the design, drawings, modification/alteration planning in accordance with international codes and standards. The PQA consultant should review/verify the same. FOTCO may begin modification/alteration of the Terminal following these studies. FOTCO is further required to prepare a complete dossier regarding the issuance of a successful commissioning certificate in terms of SIA for the preparation of the terminal to handle 100,000 DWT vessels. PQA consultants will witness this and accordingly a successful commissioning certificate will be issued. The remuneration of the POA Consultant is the responsibility of FOTCO. Thereafter, the revised Notice to Mariners will be considered for publication, he added.

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