Sayed Sayedy dreams of creating peaceful integration of migrants and refugees

Intercultural competence trainers are sought after and not rare to find, but it is the nuances of the language that are communicated during the personal exchange sessions »quotes Sayed sayedy. He has focused on understanding intercultural situation issues and their effective resolution, over the past 10 years. Parwan [Afghanistan] is his hometown, where he studied sociology and participated in social works.

Sayed was a great intercultural mediator and translator for ISAF from 2001 to 2014. Even while pursuing his studies and his university degree, Sayed was a consultant for youth empowerment and coach until 2013. Currently he is studying training and development at the University of Salzburg. He works full time for the project “HEROES – Against Suppression in the Name of Honor” in Munich and on a voluntary basis as a migration and integration advisor. It actively supports civil and educational peace projects in Cambodia and Afghanistan.

English is a key language in the majority of institutes, companies, seminars, research trips and products sold around the world. Immigrants, visiting scientists want to learn German because it will help them integrate better. On the other hand, native German speakers wish to hone their foreign language skills. Familiarizing yourself with cross-cultural differences is crucial, according to Sayed. It is useful for people leading international teams and sales staff related to different countries.

Diversity management seminars are not designed to take an anti-discrimination approach. It focuses on a holistic design to competently manage cultural and personal diversity associated with particular goals for human beings.

Sayed promotes appreciation [regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, age, identity, disability, etc., recognition, and insertion of diversity at the workplace. The seminars are aimed at creating a work environment that is free from prejudice. 

Intercultural aptitude means not being sensitive to other cultures but even identifying the blind spots or things taken for granted. There can be hindrances in understanding people coming from different cultural backgrounds because of many things like comments, attitudes, actions, behavior statements, etc. 

The wrongly interpreted statements and values can be bad for everyone involved. In an intercultural setting never take things for granted because employees having intercultural competency are too valuable. They bring responsiveness and attentiveness to handle foreign colleagues. They capably look far beyond their personal horizons and see through other people’s eyes, which is a worthy skill set. 

Serious conflicts in the social or personal environment are a challenge for refugees and migrants. It is a situation that causes inconvenience but even offers a chance for personal development. Sayed offers advisory services intending to clear the dispute among involved parties and find a win-win solution. Conflict management counseling includes evaluation of prevailing disagreements and working towards a constructive solution. Sayed plays the role of an impartial and neutral advisor. 

Many business owners desire to offer refugees an opportunity to work in their workplaces. Sayed hosts compact seminars, where employers learn how to handle human challenges related to refugee integration. Employers gain knowledge about the legal requisites for refugee employment. He offers in-house program training to corporate employers of every size. 

As an intercultural coach, workshops are held where special training related to refugee work is offered to teachers, helpers, pedagogues, and supervisors. Everyone involved in refugee tasks are prepared to attain integration goals efficiently. In the workshop, main challenges like cultural shock, social expectations, dialectic encounters, and workforce resistance pop while integrating refugees are explored. Even probable solutions have been discovered and training modules are developed. 

Sayedy is a facilitator and advisor on social law, residence, and asylum issues. He even helps refugees in application training, health mediation, and job coaching. He is skilled in languages like English, German, Farsi, Dari, Pashtu, or Pashai. 

MiMi [migrants for migrants] violence prevention The project is aimed at guys with an immigrant background. Sayed offers to advise migrants on violent activities, their consequences and legal regulations in Germany. Different migrants have different backgrounds and backgrounds. Its objective is to contribute to the world a peaceful society.

Like a peace activist, Sayed is a freelance speaker on a variety of topics such as violence prevention, training migrants and volunteers at MiMi, and intercultural communication. Its vision is to create a civilized and intercultural sphere. Therefore, it must scrutinize intercontinental and intercultural migration. In addition, develop sustainable improvement plans for the company.

Non-violent communication focuses on preventive and time-adjusted protection against violence. He wants to comfortably integrate men, women, boys and girls from immigrant and refugee backgrounds into German society. He even tries to ensure that they lead self-determined, responsible and non-violent lives. Treat everyone with respect. Seminars, training courses and academic workshops are designed through motivating, appreciative and intercultural press releases.

According to Sayed, “Mutual understanding is crucial for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It helps promote a future of diversity, appreciation and vigor. You can find out more about his ideas and beliefs by following him on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

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