Residents of NS vaccinated outside the province can apply for a vaccination passport

HALIFAX – Residents of Nova Scotia can now add COVID-19 vaccines they have received outside the province or as part of a workplace vaccination program to their vaccination passport.

The vaccination passport is available to those who have received one or both doses in another province, territory or country, or as part of a workplace vaccination program, such as members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

This also includes anyone who has received at least one dose of vaccine in Nova Scotia.

The province says original records of where people were vaccinated are acceptable, although the standard Nova Scotia format is preferred.

Eligible individuals can submit the following information online.

  • official proof of vaccination for each dose received from another province, territory, state or country

  • health card number

  • government issued ID

Official proof of vaccination must be issued by the government or organization that administered the vaccine. It must indicate the name of the government or the name and civic address of the organization. It should also include the name of the vaccine received and the date of vaccination.

The province says it will take up to three weeks for eligible people to get their up-to-date proof of vaccination, as the information needs to be verified.

Individuals who are not permanent residents of Nova Scotia and who received both doses of vaccine outside the province cannot transfer their records to the Nova Scotia Proof of Vaccination.

This includes visitors, out-of-province students, and people who work here temporarily.

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