Phone number is not saved with iMessage? The fix

One of the most common iMessage issues that you may encounter while using Apple’s messaging app is the error “The phone number is not saved with iMessage”.

If you see this error saying “phone number is not saved with iMessage” when you try to send text messages on iMessage, this guide explains why it is happening and how you can fix it.

What does an unregistered phone number with iMessage mean?

iMessage is an exclusive service for users of Apple devices, which means that it only works for communication between devices of this brand.

While an iMessage, when the feature is enabled, can be sent to and from a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch, it cannot be sent to an Android device. These therefore only require standard text messages.

If you are communicating from an Apple device and you know you are sending a message to another Apple device, iMessage should be able to store the sender and recipient number.

However, sometimes an error can appear when an Apple device tries to contact another Apple device, leaving users frustrated as they would like to send an iMessage to someone else.

Fixed “Number not saved with iMessage” error

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fixing the “Number not saved with iMessage” error. There can be a lot of things that are causing this problem. So you will try each step until you find the right one for you. Let’s get right to the point.

Deactivate and reactivate iMessage

Disable an enable iMessage on iPhone. Herby Jasmin / Gotechtor

The simplest and surprisingly effective solution to many errors is the “turn it off, then on” approach. To toggle the enabled state of iMessages, you will simply need:

  • Start the Settings application.
  • To select messages.
  • Find iMessage and turn it off.
  • Wait about a minute.
  • Reactivate iMessage and wait for it to wake up

To go further, since you are refreshing the iMessage feature, it makes sense to restart your device as well with a simple restart. You can do this by simply turning it off, allowing it to shut down completely, and then restarting it.

Check Apple ID on your device

Sometimes it’s Apple registration that’s the problem. You triggered something that disconnected your Apple ID, which would have some downstream effects.

IMessage sending and receiving options
Check if the correct phone number is registered with iMessage. Herby Jasmin / Gotechtor

You may also find that some of your Apple devices are not getting this error while others are. It’s even more of an indicator that Apple ID-based settings need special attention.

To perform checks based on Apple ID:

  • Enter phone Settings with the Apple ID and phone number of your selected device.
  • Click on the messages section.
  • Enter the Send receive section.
  • If you see the “Use your Apple ID for iMessage“and select it if it is not yet the case.
  • Look for the “YOU CAN RECEIVE IMEESAGES AND REPLY FROMAnd make sure your phone number is selected there.

You’ll also want to make sure the Apple ID is both registered and verified. You can do this by entering the Preferences section from the messages section.

Activate text transfer

If the problem is that only some of your devices are experiencing the ‘phone number not registered with iMessage’ error, you need to make sure that you are signed in with your Apple ID on all the Apple devices you use.

IMessage text message forwarding option
Allow a Mac to send and receive text messages from an iPhone. Herby Jasmin / Gotechtor

If your iMessages are working fine on your iPhone device but not on another Apple product, you can set up text forwarding. This will ensure that all texts that arrive on your iPhone will appear on any other registered device as well. To configure text transfer you will need to:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • To select messages.
  • Select this Text message forwarding section.
  • Make sure all other devices linked to your Apple ID on the list you want to receive iMessages on are selected.
  • If you are using two-factor authentication, you will be prompted for additional instructions.

Create a new conversation

If the error has recently started showing up, try deleting a conversation with another Apple device user who iMessages has worked with before. Then create a new chat instance and try sending a message to see if it appears blue. This will confirm that iMessage is working and that no errors are displayed.

Update iOS on your iPhone

Update an iPhone
Manually update an iPhone. Herby Jasmin / Gotechtor

It is possible that the error occurs due to an issue with the currently installed version of your iOS. It could very well be something that has been fixed in the next and newer operating system. So, by making sure that you are up to date to the latest iOS, the likelihood of the issue being resolved is greater.

Here’s how to check for and install iOS updates:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Press on General.
  • Then press Software update.
  • The next screen will tell you if an update is available.
  • If there is one, press Install now to install the new update.
  • If there is no update, you may need to contact Apple

Contact Apple

If all else fails, you can still log into Apple’s forums and search for the error message by name. You can also connect with an Apple representative and discuss the message that appears. They will likely have more specific tips to help you resolve the particular reason you are experiencing this error. Follow the steps in this guide to make a Genius Bar reservation.

Final thought

Every mistake has a solution, and this is no exception. If none of the above methods seem to eliminate this error, surely an Apple representative will help you work around it. Do you have any additional methods that we haven’t suggested? Please comment and let us know!

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