Penn Graduate School of Education Faculty Recognition Award 2021

Penn Graduate School of Education Faculty Recognition Award 2021

This year, the Graduate School of Education (GSE) is honoring offending members for their student services. This award is given to professors who have gone above and beyond to help, support and / or mentor students during this academic year. These winners are:

caption: Rand QuinnYumi Matsumoto, Assistant Professor in the Division of Educational Linguistics, is an expert on English as a lingua franca, a shared language used by speakers of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. She is particularly interested in how multilingual speakers use multimodal communication practices, such as gestures, laughter and actions, to solve communication problems. Dr Matsumoto is also interested in studying the professional development of second language teachers through the prism of socio-cultural theory.

Rand Quinn, Associate Professor in the division of teaching, learning and leadership, is affiliated with the division’s educational leadership program. He is a faculty member of the Education Policy Division and the Education, Culture and Society Program. He is a Principal Investigator at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education and a faculty member at the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education. Dr Quinn teaches courses in educational policy, organization and leadership.

Legend: Sharon RavitchLegend: Amy StornaiuoloSharon M. Ravitch is a professor of practice in the teaching, learning and leadership division. She is the principal researcher of Semillas Digitales, a school program in the coffee-growing regions of Nicaragua that aims to equip students with digital literacy. Dr. Ravitch’s scholarship integrates the fields of education, qualitative research, educational anthropology, human and organizational development, psychology, and business. Dr Ravitch received two master’s degrees from Harvard University and received a Fulbright Fellowship. She has published seven books.

Amy stornaiuolo, Associate Professor in the Division of Literacy, Culture and International Education, examines the multimodal composing practices of adolescents, the uses of digital technologies by teachers, and the changing relationships between authors and the public in online and networked spaces . More broadly, her work focuses on how to create equitable and accessible learning opportunities for young people by examining how they draw on diverse cultural and linguistic repertoires as they participate in a literate life. In his previous work, Dr. Stornaiuolo has taught composition and reading at the college to post-secondary level and has conducted research on reading / writing relationships, the social construction of remediation, and the transfer of learning across contexts.

caption: Krystal StrongKrystal Fort is an assistant professor in the division of literacy, culture and international education. Dr. Strong’s research and teaching focuses on student and community activism, the cultural and political power of youth, new media and popular culture, and the role of education as a site of political struggle. , with a geographic focus on Africa and the African diaspora. As an active scholar and organizer in the city of Philadelphia, his hometown, Dr Strong brings a commitment to local communities and the lessons of activism to bring to his scholarship and pedagogy.

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