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The world of social media has really had an impact on the younger generation and to help shed some light on what exactly that means, here’s a new survey that has some interesting findings.

The recent survey by Bench talked about the growing dominance of social media trends among the young American population. And it’s safe to say that YouTube is leading the pack.

On average, about 95% of American teens use YouTube, 19% of which were described as having consistent usage patterns.

Some other trends noted recently were related to the growing popularity of TikTok, which certainly didn’t surprise too many people. Today, around 67% of teens in the US use the app, with 16% claiming to have their eyes fixed on the TikTok screen all the time.

Meanwhile, in third place came Instagram which achieved a whopping 62% popularity among the younger generation, while a tenth of all American teens say they use the app consistently. This comes despite the app asking users to take a break and avoid so much screen time.

When we compare the observed results with another survey done in the past, around the year 2014 to 2015, well, a staggering 52% were using Instagram at that time. But interestingly, during this period, TikTok did not exist, nor did the study investigate YouTube.

The Pew study also described how Snapchat’s popularity among America’s growing teen population has also accelerated this year, reaching a whopping 59%. In the last poll, it was only 41%.

Another striking finding had to do with how Facebook was once considered the most popular app among teenagers some seven years ago. At that time, around 71% of users loved the platform and couldn’t get enough of it. But when you look at this year’s results, you’ll be shocked to learn how the figure has dropped massively to just 32% in 2022.

Twitter also lost popularity, plunging to 23% from 33%, while Tumblr also fell from 14% to just 5% over the same period.

The poll conducted by Pew from 2014 to 2015 did not investigate other popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitch, and even Reddit. But what we do know about current trends on these platforms is that one-fifth of the teenage population loves Twitch, while 17% love WhatsApp and only 14% use Reddit.

There was no news on the current popularity of games like Fortnite or the use of Discord. But last time we also saw the news about 33% of young people using GooglePlus.

Some general findings were outlined in the Pew research report. To begin with, only adolescents belonging to the age group of 13 to 17 years were assessed during the months of April to May. Based on this, men preferred using Reddit, YouTube and Twitch while women were more likely to use TikTok, Snap and Instagram.

We saw more black and Hispanic people liking TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter, compared to white users.

More than half of American teens say they would really struggle to give up social media forever, while nearly 35% say they’ve realized they spend too much time on their apps.

Interestingly, more than half of teens surveyed say their usage patterns had nothing wrong with them and they felt their routine was right. And with 97% of respondents using the web every day, less than half said they were online most of the time.

Take a look at the graphs below for more information:

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