New agent vetting process introduced in Cumbria after Sarah Everard murder

A new agent verification process has been introduced in Cumbria.

It comes after the facts of how Sarah Everard was murdered “shocked and appalled” by the police.

Starting today (October 7), the new process will be introduced for members of the public who wish to confirm the identity of a working alone Cumbria Constabulary agent they come into contact with.

The introduction of this process is intended to reassure people who might have concerns about isolated agents and the reason for their interaction with them.

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As such, all Cumbria Police officers will provide their collar number to anyone who requests it and call the control room on their police radio to ask an officer or staff to confirm their identity. , their location, that they are on duty and the reason the officer is speaking to them.

The officer’s radio will be on loudspeaker so the member of the public can hear the response.

All uniformed Cumbria Police officers are fitted with body worn video cameras and they will also make it clear to people that it is on and recorded. Officers are not able to edit or erase body-worn camera footage.

In the rare event that a lone officer on leave is involved in an incident, the officer will call 999 and allow the member of the public to speak on the phone with an officer or staff member in the police control room.

Once notified of an incident, uniformed officers will be dispatched to the scene as quickly as possible.

Cumbria Constabulary Police Chief Michelle Skeer said: “The facts about Sarah Everard’s death have shocked and dismayed us all. It is truly horrible that a police officer can abuse his position and his powers to commit such heinous crimes.

“We fully understand that this has impacted confidence in the police service and can also worry others when they encounter a police officer alone.

“All of our policemen carry a Cumbria Police ID card. However, we absolutely recognize our responsibility to introduce an additional means of verification to further reassure anyone, including women who may feel vulnerable.

“This new verification process will hopefully reassure people that when they meet one of our officers, they are talking to an officer who is performing a legitimate and professional police response.

“We are a high performing police force, which is testament to the excellent work that officers and staff do every day to keep people safe. This could not be achieved without the support and trust of our communities; therefore, I ask all of you to continue working with us to ensure the safety of the people of Cumbria. ”

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