Nayan Kambli’s Money2Me Plans to Become a Leading Gold Lending Company

  • CEO Nayan Kambli believes that in the future, the digital market is where a lot of untapped potential lies.

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POSTED ON MAR 15, 2021 6:41 PM IST

Registered with the Reserve Bank of India, Money2Me is a private limited liability company that engages in non-bank financial services and is currently focused on providing gold loans. The company is headed by CEO and founder Nayan Kambli. He has over 21 years of experience in various areas of fundraising including IPO, debt syndication and private equity. vision expressed.

Money2Me revealed that over the next five years, they aim to become a leading gold lending company that will provide its services all over India. They aim to create a space in the Indian gold lending market and are set to become one of the top ten gold lending companies in the country through traditional and digital gold lending platforms. In expressing this ambition, Money2Me acknowledged that although the gold lending industry is constantly growing, some changes in the process are needed to make it more accessible to the public.

CEO Nayan Kambli believes that in the future, the digital marketplace is where a lot of untapped potential lies. The promising growth of online and digital models in gold lending by NBFCs and new age fintech companies has revealed the huge market of previously unreachable clients. With its ‘Ghar Baithe Gold Loan’ pledge, Money2Me said it will focus on developing the digital capabilities of this rising sphere.

But neither does Nayan Kambli ignore the validity and importance of the traditional gold lending system. He understands that there is already a large base of clients who are taking non-digital avenues to get gold loans. Money2Me also aims to host traditional gold lending services to cater to this segment of customers. ‘Humsafar Aapke Pragati Ka’ is their commitment which underlines this intention.

Money2Me intends to realize its vision by adopting a dual operating approach. By offering both traditional and digital gold lending services, they want to be a business that combines multiple options that can meet the needs of India’s diverse customer base. Nayan Kambli believes that this combination of already established services and a new era will be a big plus in Money2Me’s journey.

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