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Bhubaneswar: A day after a class X student reported errors in bird names to the State Museum’s Bird Gallery, the concerned authorities decided to make necessary corrections to the exhibit information.
On Friday, Kendriya Vidyalaya-1’s Anshuman Mallik here brought the matter to the attention of museum authorities. Wildlife experts have said the incorrect names will cast Odisha in a bad light not only for tourists but also for researchers and visitors from other states.
Sources said the red-crested scaup was erroneously referred to as the rose-headed duck, the red-whiskered bulbul as the red-bellied, black-headed bulbul jay like the striated laughing thrush, the red-breasted parakeet like the Malabar parakeet and the plum-headed parakeet has been mentioned as the flower-headed parakeet.
Museum superintendent Bhagyalipi Malla said: “The names of the birds were written after consultation with experts like a famous ornithologist and naturalist. Doctor Salim Ali and zoologist Dr Basant Behura years ago. We don’t know if there is any error at all. But since a boy pointed them out, we’ll check it out. We decided to form a committee to check if there is an error.
However, wildlife experts said some of the birds had indeed been misidentified at the gallery and should be corrected immediately.
“It is concerning that some bird names have been misidentified at the museum. With a large number of people including researchers, scientists and wildlife experts visiting the gallery every day, such mistakes will put Odisha in a bad light,” said Subhendu Mallikhonorary wildlife warden of Khurda.
Ornithologist and wildlife photographer Panchami Manoo Ukil said: “There are major errors in the names of the birds. Although some birds have more than one name, incorrect bird names in a state museum are unacceptable. »


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