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Mumbai: A television actor lodged a complaint with the police for having been duped for Rs 86,000 by a cyber-fraudster who was posing as the head of a financial company from which the actor had taken out a loan. Since the appellant had the exact details of his loan account, the police do not rule out internal work.
The 33-year-old actor-choreographer, who appears in mythological shows, had taken out five loans from the company. The total outstanding amount was Rs 1.5 lakh, part of which he said he wanted to repay.
Last Tuesday, he searched for the company’s phone number online and dialed it, but got no response. A day later he got a call from a man who identified himself as Rajgopal Kundu and claimed to be an employee of the company. He asked the actor if he wanted a loan.
“I told him I wanted to pay off my arrears. He asked for my loan account id and I gave it. Within minutes, I had details on my phone about the loans taken, ”the actor said in his statement.
The appellant informed him that his unpaid dues were Rs 1.25 lakh. He shared an account number from the Malad branch of a bank in addition to other deatils for reimbursement. The actor handed over 86,000 rupees via a digital wallet.
Having received no acknowledgment, he called Rajgopal back. “He said the office was closed for the day and that I would get an acknowledgment the next day. But I had doubts and asked him for a copy of his identity card which he sent by phone, ”said the actor.
He then contacted the company and asked if they had an employee named Rajgopal Kundu. The officials denied it. Realizing that he had been swindled, the actor approached the police to file a complaint. TNN


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