Midland Police Department warns of texting scams

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) — Texting scams have become more common, and there are ways to prevent them.

MPD officer Chane Blandford said there are ways people can tell when a text is and isn’t legit.

“I know for a fact that companies like Amazon won’t contact you, they won’t call you, they won’t text you, none of that,” Blandford said.

Recently, scammers have sent messages asking for personal information, social security numbers or even passwords. In the message, they ask people to click on a link to solve a problem or win a prize.

Blandford said if the message seems urgent, it’s probably a scam.

“Remember there is no emergency, take a breath, find a phone number and call and find out,” Blandford said. “There’s nothing wrong with calling and finding out, then from there you can tell if it was real or fake.”

Blandford also mentioned that some people are more vulnerable to scammers than others.

“Older people get these phone calls, and they say they’re grandchildren, or they’re in trouble, or they’re in jail, or in a hospital, in a foreign country or state, and they’re need help and everything is a scam,” Blandford said.

He said never to trust anything that asks for personal information and to always check the facts.

“Learn about the cyber issues unfolding in the world today,” Blandford said.

Stay on the lookout for these types of messages, and if the text wants someone to take action immediately, it’s probably a scam.

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