Labor and Industry have paid nearly $ 120 million in unemployment benefits since the launch of the new Unemployment Benefit (UC) system | state

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania’s new unemployment compensation program has seen nearly 225,000 people submit claims since it opened on Tuesday.

Almost $ 115 million in payments have been issued by labor and industry for these claims.

Over 204,000 people have successfully filed for weekly certifications using the new online system at An additional 17,000 people opened new applications using the new system, bringing the total number of people who successfully filed on to over 221,000.

Deposit of weekly benefits by telephone

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Teleclaims (PAT) system has been put online, allowing individuals to file weekly complaints over the phone. So far, more than 25,000 people have used this system to file for weekly certifications.

People who wish to apply for benefits through the UC or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) programs can do so by calling 888-255-4728, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Unlike online filing, which requires a Keystone ID, people who deposit using PAT use their PIN (Personal Identification Number) and Social Security number to identify themselves when applying for UC benefits. . During the call, people will be asked to answer a series of questions by dialing their phone.

System statuses

Several changes were made to the system overnight, including one to fix an issue some people were having when trying to create or sign in to a newly created Keystone ID when entering the UC system. L&I has heard from people who have already encountered this issue that they are now able to log in and file their complaints successfully. Individuals have the option of using a temporary workaround that allows them to create the Keystone ID first and then log into the new UC system separately, following the process outlined in this video.

The overnight changes also resolved an issue that caused some PEUC applicants to see “inactive”, disqualified ”or“ pecuniary ineligible ”statuses. , a few people said they have seen these statuses since the change was made. L&I is actively investigating these cases to see why the person is seeing these statuses.

As a reminder, the new system shows eligibility or other claim issues – this is a feature, not an error

People with trouble codes can reference this leaf to learn more about the problem and any possible action they can take to resolve it.

Individuals can check for updates on the new UC system on the Monitoring improvement of UC system verification.

A new issue was added to the follow-up today: A question asking to verify completion of job search requirements now appears to a limited number of people. L&I is investigating the cause of this problem and is prioritizing the implementation of a fix.

The waiting room has not been online since 9 a.m. Thursday, when it appeared briefly for people making initial claims only and had a four-minute wait time. Individuals took an average of 21 minutes to file an initial request. Weekly certifications took an average of 4 minutes.

24/7 archiving and other upgrades

Individuals are reminded that the new UC system offers the ability to file a UC claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Claim weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, so the last time to file is during the week. claim is 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Individuals also have a maximum of 8 weeks to submit their claim for the current claim week, although individuals should note that their payments will not be issued until they have submitted their case.


Those with questions or concerns are encouraged to consult the Quick tips and Frequently Asked Questions pages to

L&I also provided a library of resources to help users familiarize themselves with the new system, including user manuals for applicants and employers and thematic instructional videos. L&I also offers a series of workshops, with upcoming workshops on:

The recordings of each workshop will be uploaded to this page at

The programs of the new system are unemployment benefit and emergency unemployment benefit in the event of a pandemic. Historical information for people who have applied for the extended benefit program will also be on the new system.

The Unemployment Pandemic Assistance Program is not affected by the change in the new system.

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