JobsNOW: the WKBN sales team is looking for “people-people”

(WKBN) – WKBN is a leading local news and television broadcaster. Today JobsNOW shares some of the opportunities we have. This is your chance to be part of our team and not only to find a job, but to find a career.

There is a lot of teamwork at WKBN. You can see it in our newsletters as we present top local news in a live and fast-paced environment. There is also great teamwork behind the scenes. Our sales team is recruiting for very important positions at the moment.

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“Our goal is to always deliver results to our customers. So you learn more about the activities of these clients and our goal is to make the advertising work, ”said Nikki Manuel, Sales Director of WKBN.

We are recruiting a cross-platform account manager who will sell our four TV channels and digital products, such as and the WKBN mobile app. We are also hiring an Account Manager who focuses solely on our digital products. These are outside sales positions where face-to-face interaction with the customer is beneficial.

“With either position, it would be great to have some sales experience, but they don’t need to have a ton of it. They must have a positive personality. They have to be tech savvy, ”Manuel said.

Our station is also hiring a Sales Assistant, which is an entry-level position where someone can advance in broadcast and digital sales. They worked for a number of different vendors, providing key support while learning.

“They learn sales from the back end. All the things salespeople need to do when in front of a customer. They’re making proposals, so they have to be tech-savvy, ”Manuel said.

Sales also work with a number of different departments in construction, internet, accounting, production. Our associates also work with a variety of different client types. It’s fast and changing from day to day, but you’re selling the best TV product in Youngstown.

“They should have a desire to truly represent broadcast television and our digital products, which are second to none in the market,” Manuel said.

To apply, go to, hover over the About Us tab at the top of the page, then click Work for Us.

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