Javaughn Berry, 26, sentenced to 115 months federal prison for commercial flights – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) –Authorities announced that Javaughn Berry, 26, of Baltimore, had been sentenced to 115 months in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for three commercial armed robberies.

According to To his guilty plea, from October 2019 To December 2019, Berry and a committed partner Three armed commercial flights. In each flight, the the thieves showed a gun and stole a victimthe vehicle of To to flee the scene. Inthe vestigators with the The FBI obtained cell phone records which showed Berry and his partner’s phones were close To each of the the victim companies around the time to the flights.

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The plea deal also shows that Berry and a partner stole a Baltimore pharmacy. After the flight, Baltimore Police responded To the stage and spoke To a victim who reported that the two men wore black masks, black gloves, glasses and yellow reflective vests.

Before the theft, the two men were collect garbage in the parking lot. When the pharmacy open at 8:00 a.m., the the suspects have entered. A the suspect pointed a black gun at an employee and demanded access To the safe. The suspects Tookay $ 1,630 in species of the safe and attached the victimhands with zipped fasteners.

Theyou too ToOkay the victimthe keys and runs away in the victimvehicle of.

Berry and his partner also robbed a retail store in Millersville, Maryland, November 17, 2019. Victims reported To Anne Arundel County Police as two men entered the store as is was closing and asked for money. The suspects stole $ 3,200 in cash and zipped the employees.

A of the the suspects hit a victim to the to manage and pulled her To the ground. Just like the pharmacy robbery, Berry and his companion fled the scene while stealing an employee’s vehicle.

Finally, Berry admitted that he and his partner robbed a chain restaurant in Parkville, MD. At the morning of December 13, 2019, Baltimore County Police Department (BCPD) detectives responded To the restaurant and found the gap manager and his colleague inside.

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According to To the victim employees, the gap manager and colleague unblocked the front doors and two male suspects entered the store wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and masks. Berry’s partner approached the gap manager, took out a gun and asked him to open the safe. Berry’s partner stole $ 3,393.37 in cash, then put the gap manager wrists and ankles in zipped fasteners.

On December 14, 2019, an OPCD agent found the stolen vehicle during the robbery of a restaurant parked a few blocks from the Berry residence. OPCD officers placed a GPS device on the vehicle To follow his movements.

Berry and his partner were stopped on December 16, 2019, after BCPD followed the stolen vehicle To the inintersection of Joppa Road and Harford Road in Carney, Maryland. The partner was drive behind the stolen vehicle and was arrested by officers and arrested. After obtaining a search warrant for the In the car, officers found a black handgun replica, several black gloves, black ties and a yellow reflective vest.

Inthe vestigators continued to follow the stolen vehicle driven by Berry. Berry then abandoned the car and fled on foot. Ingatekeepers found Berry walking along Harford Road soon after. It showed inthe vestigators the call log on her phone, which showed several recently ended and missed calls To the the partner’s number.

After relinquishing his Miranda rights, Berry Told officers he saw the car stolen earlier that morning and wanted To Take it for a joyous ride.

A search warrant executed on his phone showed pictures of Berry holding large sums of money which were caught on the morning of the first robbery. Another warrant executed on the partner’s phone showed a picture of a similar vehicle To the vehicle stolen from the employee in the second robbery.

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Berry admitted that he Took money from the victims, versus the victims‘wills, using actual or threatened acts forthis, violence or fear of injury.

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