How To Track Someone’s Location By Phone Number 2022 Tip

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Check how to track someone’s location by phone number

To find a person’s location using their phone number, you need to contact your phone carrier and make a tracking request. You must have a legitimate reason to track their phones. This approach may or may not work for you. You can also use a reverse phone lookup service, which will give you a general location of the device in the area. But the location data you get isn’t always reliable, and real-time tracking isn’t possible. The app tracks Android and iOS devices using built-in GPS and Wi-Fi signals. Also, you can track phone numbers through the SIM card. You just need to configure it first.

Use native phone locator

The easiest way is to use the native tracking software for your computer or mobile device. Not only is it accessible and convenient, but some of these tools are also free. Android and iOS devices have their own native device locator apps specifically designed for when your phone is lost or stolen. However, you can also use them to track the location of your nearby loved ones.

‘Find My Device’ for Android

Find My Device allows you to track a phone remotely. It is a component of Google Play Protect designed to protect your phone from malicious apps and unauthorized access. However, it only works on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

Steps to download the app:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and search for “Find my device”.
  • Tap on the first search result and install it.
  • After installation, sign in to Find My Device using the Google account you want to use the service with.
  • Give access to the application location. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Finally, you can now track your phone and use additional features such as locking and erasing your phone data remotely.

“Find My iPhone” for iOS

Find My iPhone works exactly the same as Find My Device. Instead of working on Android, it works perfectly for iPhone users. You can track a phone’s location, even lock and wipe its data as long as it’s connected to the internet.

Steps to activate the app:

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap your name and Apple ID at the top.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • Select Find My iPhone and toggle to turn it on.

Use an IMEI tracker

Easy and convenient, IMEI tracking is something anyone can do. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. And with its unique 15-digit number, you can work wonders with it. And one of them is finding a lost or stolen phone.

How to identify a phone’s IMEI

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap General, then About.
  • Scroll down to see your IMEI and write it down.

How to locate a phone with IMEI

  • Your mobile carrier can track the phone. All you have to do is give them the IMEI and let them do the work. You may have to wait a few hours or a few days, depending on the company’s advice.
  • Download an IMEI tracking app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store or use a browser to use web-based IMEI tracking (no download required).

Caller ID Name Lookup (CNAM)

Another useful method of finding someone’s location by cell phone number is to use CNAM’s web search tools. CNAM search allows you to identify the location of the caller. Not only that, but it also reveals all the essential information including owner name, exact city and states a person is in. However, the downside is that you have to pay a small fee before accessing the information. .

Search the white pages

The white pages are one of the last resources to help you find what you want. If you are not necessarily looking for a person’s real-time location and just want to know their current address, you can use this option. By entering a number on the white pages, you can easily track someone’s home address associated with the phone number.

The way it actually works is that it uses the phone number to track someone’s profile and eventually reveal their details in a safer and completely legal way. However, one thing you should be aware of, especially when you are in the United States, is that this service is associated with the SS7 network. This means that when you make a query it will send it over the SS7 networks containing all the details stored against the number.

Final Words: How to Track Someone’s Location by Phone Number

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