How to Paste a Phone Number in Phone App of iPhone 2022

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Check How to Paste a Phone Number in iPhone Phone App

Copy and paste is a useful feature for working quickly and securely with iPhone and iPad. Let’s take a look at the different ways to use this feature in iOS and how you can use it on multiple devices, including your Mac with Apple’s Universal Clipboard. Apple offers several copy and paste ways to share text, images, photos, and videos with other apps and people. The easiest and most popular option is standard copy and paste, but you can also copy and share directly with other apps or people using the iOS Share Sheet and also use Apple’s Universal Clipboard to greater efficiency.

The Phone app is an app on your iPhone that lets you make and receive calls. The phone app comes with the iPhone system, you don’t need to download or install it. It should appear on your iPhone home screen. The ability to add phone numbers to the iPhone phone app has been around for many years. Somehow he got lost and manually typed in the phone numbers like an idiot. Don’t blame me completely because the feature is hidden and you have no chance of discovering it yourself, even accidentally.

So, if you also didn’t know that this feature exists, you can insert phone numbers in iPhone phone app here. The steps are simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be cursing yourself for not knowing about this feature all these years. You can’t even guess how much time you wasted without knowing about this feature.

How to Paste Phone Numbers in the iPhone Phone App

  • Touch and hold a phone number to select it. In the context menu, press Copy to copy the number.
  • Next, launch the Phone app and tap on Keyboard. Here, in the empty space near the top, double-tap to bring up the Paste button.
  • Press the Paste button to paste the number.
  • Here is the phone number pasted into the Phone app.

Final Words: How to Paste a Phone Number in iPhone’s Phone App

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