How to fix the worst feature of iOS 15

See that search bar at the bottom?  It is overwhelming.

See that search bar at the bottom? It is overwhelming.
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iOS 15 is officially here, aand while he brings many exciting new features, there is also one that we really don’t like: tThe new Safari search bar.

In iOS 15, Apple Safari redesigned so that the address bar has been moved from the top of the screen to the bottom. Theoretically, this makes Safari easier to use himself. Apple has improved the search bar so that it no longer jumps around like in the early beta versions of iOS 15. However, if you find that you don’t like the search bar at the bottom, you can easily put the address bar back at the top.

A fter you update to iOS 15, open the Safari app on your phone. In the lower left corner, you should see the “aA” icon in the search bar. Tap it, then select the Show top address bar. And that’s all. Whoosh, this will be great again. If you end up liking the search bar at the bottom, no worries. You can press the “aA” icon again to return the search bar to the bottom.

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You can also change it by going to the Settings application. From there, scroll down to Safari, and select the Simple tab option. Doing it this way also gives you control over other new Safari features. For example, you can toggle the Landscape tab bar setting. If you turn it off, the search bar will disappear whenever you view Safari in landscape mode. There is also the Allow website coloring setting, which changes the color scheme of the search bar to match the website you are visiting.

Apple first introduces the possibility of going back with the original Safari design we all know and love with the sixth beta of iOS 15. This decision followed negative reactions from beta users regarding the ping pong search bar. (You can see it in action in our IOS 15 previewIt was a rare move on the part of the company, which usually doesn’t change course when it comes to changing the design of executives, even if they are overwhelmingly unpopular. See: tthe famous MacBook Butterfly switches and this time Apple has removed the headphone jack. Still, we’re not about to complain that Apple is giving users more control over app customization. Hoping that Apple continues to listen to the feedback and provide customers with more options in the future.

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