How to find someone for free

There are more ways to find someone for free online than you can count. This article will prove it with the places and methods to conduct such research online.

First of all, you should know that these are different sites with different search methods, which means they search using different information or search data. So you will need different sets of personal research data to use them effectively.

These data sets of information include, but are not limited to, date of birth, phone number, middle name, email address, home address, occupation, social security number of the person to name a few.

If you are having trouble finding this information, you can learn how to find people for free by following one of the guides on

  1. How To Find Out Someone’s Birthday – It Will Help You With Ideas On How To Find A Person’s Date Of Birth
  2. How to do a phone number search – this will show you how you can use the person’s phone number, if you know it, to find the physical address, which you can then use to find more details about the person.
  3. There is also a free white pages directory that you can use to try and find the person.

Once you have obtained the seed data or information, you will need to keep it handy for reference when applying the People Finding tips below.

Note that this information gives you many options to perform an efficient and completely free search, but can also be very useful in filtering your search results.

Start with a Google search

Google is the go-to place for researching anything across the world. The search engine has built a solid reputation as a know-it-all tool, hence the terminology “Google it”. You can also perform a person search for free on this search engine.

Searches are possible using name, home address, phone number, email address, user name, and social security number to name some in the search bar. If any of these details are found anywhere online, your search will return a positive result.

Name searches are a bit tricky on Google, however, as they return countless results on common names. So it is difficult to go through all the results. To filter your search, you will need to include details such as location (city, state), middle name, and age in your search. Find out how to find old friends without a last name.

Free people searches on social media sites

Social media sites allow users to search for other users on their platforms so that they can communicate with. These searches are free and are carried out on the search bars.

Most social media platforms allow searches with name, username, phone number, home address, email address, company name, and organizations. Some have pages and groups where you can chat with participants.

The possible results of a search on social media platforms can be complete, name, phone number, home address, email address, age, date of birth, occupation, organizations, interests, relationships, publications, photos and others. details.

Since social media platforms give users the power to know what to include on their profiles, the results will be determined by this.

Search the white pages

Since the phone book went online, searching for people has become a snap. They are also offered free of charge. You can search for anyone online from the White Pages using a name, phone number, home address, and business name. There are search fields where you can enter your search information.

Name searches may require the inclusion of information such as location and middle name to filter the results. The basic results of a name search are phone number and home address. Searching with a phone number will give you a name and home address for the person. A residential address search will return the person’s name and phone number.

Sites that can help with white page searches are White Pages, Yellow Pages, 411, Pipl, and True People Search.

Searching from public records

There are sites that bring together public archives and offer them to the public. These are documents such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, land registers, tax records, criminal records, court records and records of registration of voters.

Most sites that offer public records allow searches with a name, phone number, social security number, email address, home address, and business name, for example. There are search fields where you can search for this information on the sites.

Public records sites to try for a search may be Background Checks, Intelius, Search Systems, State Records, US Search, Online Searches, Ancestors, Verified, and Family Tree now.

Applying these search tips will help you find the person you are looking for absolutely free. Whether it’s trying to find a long-lost school friend or someone you recently met at an event, these tips will help you find them without paying anything.

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