How Managed IT Can Help Your Business

As business leaders know, the epidemic has blurred the barriers between work and life.

The good news about vaccinations may lead us to assume that “normal” will return, but it will be quite different. One in six employees will work from home full-time or two days a week after the outbreak, according to Harvard Business School economists.

Teleworkers will not disappear. If you’ve fragmented your IT footprint over the past year, thinking it was temporary, it’s time to assess the implications of permanence and what you need to empower your employees, protect your data, and serve your customers. .

Enter the Managed Service Provider (MSP), your outsourced IT service. Today, most MSPs can serve many customer sites. MSPs have already adopted a system to support businesses with remote workers. Noblesville Managed Computing is no exception. Managed IT can clarify many issues related to MSP services.

These benefits have driven the acceptance of managed services in the enterprise sector, with 90% of Fortune 1000 organizations employing MSPs today. Only 29% of small businesses use managed service providers, so being an early adopter could give your organization an edge.

Still not sure about Managed Support Services? Let’s take a look at managed IT services, their differences and their benefits. These services may surprise you.

How do managed IT services help SMBs?

Today, even small businesses need technology to be competitive. Small businesses rely more on IT, but are attempts to expand IT support keeping pace? MSPs identify hazards and address potential issues as warning signals develop to prevent organizations from being overburdened by limited IT resources.

Managed IT services involve outsourcing IT monitoring, management, and repair to a third-party source. If you’ve only ever considered a standard troubleshooting/repair solution, this approach to technical support may be very different. These deviations are explained.

A shift in tech support mindset

Before managed services, there was a way to deal with technology issues. If a server or PC stopped working, the only option was to call an expert, explain the situation and find a solution quickly. Once acceptable, this standard is now insufficient.

Waiting for problems and systems to collapse is no longer a feasible option with 21st century technology. Our growing reliance on automated processes and digital databases means that technological failures can hurt businesses. If a network or email server remains unavailable for long periods of time, productivity and revenue can drop.

Due to the high stakes, security and proper support are necessary to prevent system failures and locate faults. Managed IT services to fill this gap.

Managed against a Break/Fix model

When technology issues arise, you have two options:

  • Breakdown/repair services involve an outside professional coming to your site to diagnose and fix your problem
  • Managed IT services provide an ongoing connection with your service provider, who manages your network for a monthly fee

Breakdown/repair maintenance only helps if something goes wrong, which reduces performance while you wait. Not only is the weather bad, but these services may not be as reliable as you would expect.

Managed Breakdown/Repair Services

Why are managed security services on the rise when IT crash/repair support has been popular for years? Breakdown/repair services do not require monthly payments, but they limit liability and the certainty that your problem will be resolved quickly. Here are the possible causes:

  • Your breakdown provider benefits more from bigger difficulties
  • Breakdown/repair providers are compensated each time they are called, making stable solutions impossible
  • Hourly rates may delay service

These variables can make your troubleshooting/repair service more expensive and unpredictable than managed IT services. MSPs are more motivated to offer durable repairs and affordable prices. If your business depends on IT, hiring an MSP may be the smartest move.

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