Heart disease caused by a rare tumor

WESTON, Florida – Medical experts are trying to better understand a rare disease called cardiac angio-sarcoma which mimics the symptoms of heart disease but is actually caused by a tumor.

“Usually a person can have symptoms like swelling of the legs, distension of the abdomen, dizziness, fainting, palpitations and these are very common symptoms and cardio sarcomas are very rare, we therefore, these symptoms should not be associated with heart tumors. away, ”said Dr. David Lopez, cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Weston.

Lopez said imaging tests are key to a correct diagnosis, although treatment options are limited.

Surgery to remove the tumor can be tricky due to its location in the heart, and radiation therapy would damage the heart muscle, leaving various forms of chemotherapy as the primary approach.

And a global study into the causes of strokes found that emotional upheaval and physical exertion can both be triggers.

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The INTERSTROKE study, the largest research project of its kind, analyzed more than 13,000 cases of acute stroke involving patients of various ethnic origins in 32 countries.

The study found that one in 11 survivors had experienced a period of anger or anger in the hour before their stroke, and one in 20 had been participating in strenuous physical activity before the event.

The authors said the findings underscore the need for mental and physical well-being at all ages and for people at high risk for cardiovascular disease to avoid strenuous physical exertion, but continue to exercise. regularly.

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