Hawaiian Airlines and Par Hawaii Study Renewable Aviation Fuel

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaiian Airlines and Par Hawaii, the state’s largest supplier of energy products, announced Wednesday that they will join forces to study the commercial viability of locally produced sustainable aviation fuel.

The two companies said in a statement that they aim for the fuel to replace some or all of the kerosene-based jet fuel currently used by Hawaiian.

The companies said they signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly assess the potential for converting two processing units at Par’s Kapolei refinery to produce renewable fuels.

They plan to explore the production of locally grown oilseed crops and study the feasibility of importing feedstock to produce sustainable aviation fuel.

“This is a major step for both organizations to reduce carbon emissions, fight climate change and create a more sustainable energy future for Hawaii,” the companies said.

Scott Glenn, the state’s director of energy, said in a statement that transportation accounts for more than half of Hawaii’s greenhouse gas emissions. He said transportation emissions are the state’s biggest challenge in fighting climate change.

Glenn said the two companies have a “tremendous opportunity” to contribute to Hawaii’s clean energy goals.

Par Hawaii, LLC is a subsidiary of Par Pacific Holdings, Inc.

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