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Support does not end once students register at UD’s main campus. For Perez-Gonzalez, the elder who almost dropped out of college, the much-needed support came from reaching out to “amazing” faculty members who, he said, have consistently expressed a commitment to support. inclusiveness and who often took time outside of designated school hours. to provide additional help. Today he is president of the HELLO organization for the empowerment of Hispanic / Latin students on campus as well as the president of the Zawadi chapter of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. In both roles, he mentors the new first generation students on campus, encouraging them to continue when they experience their own moments of doubt.

“Members of this group have to go an extra mile just to be where other students are easily,” said Perez-Gonzalez, a communications major who is preparing for a career as a national television news anchor. “So it can be very rewarding for them to just hear, ‘Hey, you’re doing a great job. “

Other Blue Hens find resources in the form of several initiatives, including the Student Support Services Program, which offers peer-to-peer mentoring to enrich the college experience both culturally and academically, as well as We are the first registered student organization, which connects first generation students to each other as well as opportunities for engagement on and off campus.

Take Olivia Chowdhury, a junior major in international relations from Atlantic City, New Jersey. With an immigrant mother from Poland and an immigrant father from Bangladesh, she said she often felt extra pressure to be successful, fulfill the American dream and validate her parents’ move to the United States. research on this for DUs Summer scholarship recipients program. But, she added, when the anxiety gets too strong, she can channel that energy into her work with We’re First, who runs scholarship workshops and recently completed a charity making project. blankets for children in need.

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