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State officials said there were now more than 100,000 successful downloads of COVID-19 vaccination checks to the Hawaii SMART Health Card app since its launch last Friday.

From 2 a.m. last Friday to 2 p.m. Thursday, officials from the state bureau of enterprise technology services said there were 101,199 successful downloads, which is roughly 75% of all creative attempts. a Hawaii SMART health card, which was planned. Last Friday, on its first day, the state tracked nearly 20,000 downloads.

The SMART Health card is available at travel.hawaii.gov, the same site travelers use for the Hawaii Safe Travels program.

“I am delighted with the number of participants the Hawaii SMART Health Card has received since the program launched last week,” said Douglas Murdock, chief information officer, Office of Enterprise Technology Services, in a press release.

Honolulu and Maui counties accept Hawaii SMART Health Card QR codes as proof of vaccination.

Obtaining a Hawaii SMART Health card is voluntary. People can also show their original card or a digital photo of it as proof of vaccination.

Some reasons why individuals may have failed to generate SMART Health Cards have to do with the accuracy of the data entered by the individual and the provider into the state database. The human entry of variant names could be, in some cases, the reason for the verification failure.

Additionally, people who have received vaccines from entities that do not submit data to the state database – such as federal immunization programs – will not be able to obtain a Hawaii SMART Health Card.

These entities include the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, some federal agencies, and some pharmacies that have provided vaccines to nursing homes under the long-term care facilities program.

The Office of Enterprise Technology Services provided the following advice:

>> Make sure that the name used in your Safe Travels profile is the same as the one entered in the database. The name in the database comes from the electronic file provided by the service provider administering the shot. So that’s the name you gave the nurse or doctor at the time of the injection. For people who have made an appointment online, please verify the name you entered to make an appointment.

>> Check your name variations. For example: Doug vs. Douglas, Jones-Smith vs. Jones Smith.

>> Check your vaccine lot numbers and make sure they are correct. For example, that 0 is really 0 and not the letter “O”, and 1 is really 1 and not the letter “l”.

>> Check your date of birth and dates of inoculation, and that you have entered them correctly.

>> If you are having trouble completing the application process while using your mobile device, try using your laptop or computer.

Developers are constantly working to improve the app and its functionality, officials said. Updates will be posted on hawaiicovid19.com/smart-health-card.

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How hope, fear and misinformation drove thousands of Haitians to the US border https://dcwritersway.org/how-hope-fear-and-misinformation-drove-thousands-of-haitians-to-the-us-border/ https://dcwritersway.org/how-hope-fear-and-misinformation-drove-thousands-of-haitians-to-the-us-border/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:14:18 +0000 https://dcwritersway.org/how-hope-fear-and-misinformation-drove-thousands-of-haitians-to-the-us-border/

The United States is home to around one million Haitians, with the largest numbers concentrated in Miami, Boston and New York. But Haitian communities have flourished in Maryland, Ohio, North Carolina and California.

This week, the United States resumed deportation flights to Haiti under Title 42, an emergency public health order that empowered the government to seal the border and turn back migrants during the pandemic. Immigration and Customs Enforcement repatriated around 90 Haitians, including families, on Wednesday.

The move drew strong reprimands from immigrant advocates and lawmakers who said the administration should offer Haitians legal protection and the ability to seek asylum rather than repatriating them to their home countries. struggling just a month after the earthquake.

“It is cruel and wrong to send someone back to Haiti now,” said Steve Forester, immigration policy coordinator at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti.

But the return of Haitians to their country of origin is “essential to prevent this kind of situation from developing,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which promotes immigration control. “If a Haitian who arrives at the US border is free of domicile, then more people will. If you have lived in Brazil or Chile for years, one of your children was born here, you are not entitled to asylum. You have been firmly resettled in another country.

At the spillway north of the Del Rio International Bridge, a two-lane artery that connects the small, bicultural town to Mexico, on Friday, migrants from the growing crowd became restless while waiting to be processed by border officials. They wandered around the camp, which was filling with hundreds of new arrivals on Friday, and crossed the Rio Grande to Ciudad Acuña, where they bought as much hot food and cold drinks as they could carry.

Near the bridge, enterprising migrants have settled in, shouting their goods and prices. It was like an open-air market, and by mid-afternoon the piles of garbage were strewn across the dirt floor. As the sun intensified, so did the dust, which left a thin layer on clothes, cellphones and bodies.

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UMass receives $ 4.4 million NSF grant to play https://dcwritersway.org/umass-receives-4-4-million-nsf-grant-to-play/ https://dcwritersway.org/umass-receives-4-4-million-nsf-grant-to-play/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 22:49:00 +0000 https://dcwritersway.org/umass-receives-4-4-million-nsf-grant-to-play/

AMHERST, Mass. – The University of Massachusetts Amherst will continue to play a leadership role in protecting the country’s computer networks and infrastructure with a $ 4.4 million federal grant to train researchers and professionals in the cybersecurity and then place them in jobs across the federal government. The program offers generous financial support to help students launch their careers.

that of the university Institute of cybersecurity got the renewal of his CyberCorps service grant (SFS), sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). A team of cybersecurity researchers, led by the College of Information and Computer Science (CICS) Brian Levine, received the five-year grant to continue the institute’s participation in the CyberCorps program, which began in 2015. Levine’s co-investigators include Marc Liberator (CICS), as well as co-researchers Dan Holcomb and Wayne Burleson, both from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the College of Engineering.

The grant will support approximately 31 undergraduate and graduate scholars in the nationally recognized computer science and electrical and computer engineering degree programs of UMass Amherst by providing them with full tuition and fees, a stipend ranging from $ 25,000 per year for undergraduates to $ 34,000 per year for graduate students and a professional development fund for one to three years of their degree program. Additionally, students do an internship at a federal agency during the summers, and upon graduation they will work full-time at a federal agency in a cybersecurity role for one to three years with full pay and benefits.

“This is a unique program that has the potential to be life changing,” says Levine. “Students have the opportunity to study without bearing the burden of the cost of education, do an internship with a federal agency, and then move directly to a good job, working for the common good by serving in a federal agency. of their choice after graduation. “

“In line with the CICS mission of ‘computing for the common good’,” says Laura Haas, Dean of ICCS, “UMass’s SFS program will not only continue to actively recruit and retain women and underrepresented minorities, but will redouble its efforts to do so. She noted that the program works with a large cohort of faculty and staff to actively recruit under-represented students from Bunker Hill Community College, Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College in Massachusetts, as well as the Brookdale Community. College in New Jersey. The program also includes a partnership with the Collaboration for educational services, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that recruits high school students for STEM careers, and specifically students of color or from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“This program, says Sanjay Raman, Dean of the College of Engineering, “will help create a new generation of cybersecurity professionals and researchers to solve new and challenging problems facing society. These students will help modernize the leadership workforce, advance science and technology in government laboratories, and secure our national defense. “

The program will prepare students for successful careers in cybersecurity through a combination of strong study programs, tailored professional development, interdisciplinary enrichment, unique opportunities to conduct research, and high-level education. quality. UMass Amherst’s research programs are among the best in the country, a force that informs its cutting-edge program.

Acceptance into the SFS program is application-based and competitive. The application, all the details and all the requirements can be found at UMass SFS program website.


Contacts: Brian Levine, brian@cs.umass.edu

Daegan Miller, drmiller@umass.edu

Disclaimer: AAAS and EurekAlert! are not responsible for the accuracy of any press releases posted on EurekAlert! by contributing institutions or for the use of any information via the EurekAlert system.

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In Panjshir, few signs of active resistance or fighting at all https://dcwritersway.org/in-panjshir-few-signs-of-active-resistance-or-fighting-at-all/ https://dcwritersway.org/in-panjshir-few-signs-of-active-resistance-or-fighting-at-all/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:08:17 +0000 https://dcwritersway.org/in-panjshir-few-signs-of-active-resistance-or-fighting-at-all/

PANJSHIR, Afghanistan – In this lush swath of land – isolated from potential invaders by high mountain peaks and narrow passes conducive to ambushes – former Mujahideen fighters and Afghan commandos regrouped in the days following the overthrow of the government Afghan by the Taliban, vowing to fight for the last man. With its history of resistance and its reputation for impenetrability, the Panjshir Valley seemed an ideal place for a determined force of renegades to found an insurgency.

On September 6, however, the Taliban claimed to have captured the whole of Panjshir province, a momentous victory in an area that repelled many Soviet offensives in the 1980s, and had remained out of Taliban control during their 1996 rule in 2001.

The New York Times visited the valley for the first time on Tuesday since the Taliban’s lightning offensive led to their seizure of power in Afghanistan last month. On the sides of the road, posters of resistance fighters who had fallen in previous wars had been torn down. The usually heavy traffic had been replaced by stray cattle, and the silence was broken only by Islamic chants occasionally echoing through loudspeakers on the few Taliban trucks.