Facebook has GermanDream campaign on democracy and the right to vote

Well-known figures, at least in the Facebook sense, like rapper Eko Fresh, model Vivien Wysocki and creator VikyKid are part of a campaign calling on people to face the election – in the super election year 2021. In videos they explain why it is important to choose to go. This is done in multilingual. Ambassadors speak both in German and in their respective first, second or mother tongue, namely Turkish, Vietnamese and Polish.

Facebook and the GermanDream educational initiative collaborated on the campaign. In addition to the videos, there will also be round tables. Under the title “Malunter uns…”, the founder of the Düzen Tekkal initiative and political scientist Ali Aslan talk live with politicians and young voters. The emphasis is on political inclusion in Germany, the country of immigration. According to Facebook ad Studies have shown that young people with an immigrant background participate less in elections than those who do not have an immigrant background.

“We send our GermanDream Value Ambassadors into the race to include all eligible voters who are too often overlooked in the election campaign,” writes Tekkal. The videos are now available on Facebook. The round tables will start in mid-July.

Facebook has already explained how they intend to ensure the integrity of the elections. Hate and misinformation should be avoided even better, groups and individuals who break guidelines or receive warnings, among other things, benefit from less visibility. Political ads also need to be transparent – clients allow themselves, backgrounds are disclosed. Importantly, Google is working with prominent notice boards across all platforms to display information from secure sources. Content on YouTube that broadcasts fake news is also removed.


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