Double Deduction Scams Make Victims Lose Money Twice – Shares Tips To Avoid The Nest Of Lies

Cybercrime Specialist

Cybercrime Specialist

From a psychological point of view, victims of repeated scams often have an intense need for fulfillment and experience more intense emotional swings.

Scammers often claim that they belong to a particular government agency and need payment or personal information to help the victim get a refund.

—Timothy Benson

SOFIA, BULGARIA, June 30, 2022 / — A Massachusetts widow has lost $500,000 in savings after being tricked twice by love scammers. One scammer used the money to pay off his mortgage while another falsely claimed to be a law enforcement officer who could help catch the first fraudster.

The incident is just the tip of an iceberg; the latest consumer fraud survey found that 40 million Americans fell victim to fraud in 2017. But there were 62 million incidences of fraud, which means 22 million people fell into two scams or more.

Cyber-Forensics.Net, a fund recovery service provider who has helped victims of repeat/repetitive scams, explains how scammers trick a scam victim again: “Scammers keep and sell lists containing information about people who have been victimized once.It can include victim’s name, address, phone number, scam type and lost amount.Scammers often negotiate by buying and selling these lists.

Timothy Benson, Chief Analyst at, says, “Scammers often claim they belong to a particular government agency and need payment or personal information to help the victim get a refund. But no government agency or legitimate organization will ask money for refund. They will never ask for financial account numbers or other personal information. If someone is asked for such information, chances are they are dealing with a scammer.

In a new twist on the existing double borrow scam, the scammer notifies that there is a problem with the initial wire transfer and sends the victim a cashier’s check. The victim is invited to cash the check and send a second transfer to another account. The problem here is that the check is forged, resulting in the victim being tricked twice and the fraudster receiving the money in two different accounts.

How to recognize the double dip scam:

◉ Pressure to act quickly-
Scammers can cover an individual with various promises that seem good enough to invest. They try to convince an individual to make a quick decision that will result in a scam. Every investor should think twice and understand what they are getting into.

◉ Unknown Calls-
Always pay attention to unknown calls; ask them where they got the contact details from, where the person is calling from and the reason for these random calls, don’t believe anything unless they can prove they are from without harm.

◉ Unusual payment methods-
Be vigilant when someone asks to make a payment not with cash but with bitcoins or gift cards. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get the job done for hard-to-trace and impossible-to-undo scammers.

◉ Deals that are too good to be true-
Scammers always come up with such great deals that some innocent investors can fall for it in no time. Before making a quick decision, think about why someone is making such a good offer. Ask yourself if it sounds legit.

How to avoid a double-dip scam?

◉ Never trust anyone who contacts through any means online and asks for money, promising to get back the previously scammed money.
Never reveal bank account, credit card or other payment information. If someone is asking for personal financial information or an upfront fee, they’re probably a scammer.

◉ Scammers often force people to pay with gift cards or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum. Anyone who strangely forces payment through a particular payment method is a scammer.

◉ Suppose organizations or companies contact the victim about this. The first step should be to research the name online. For government agencies, research their number and the legitimacy of their URL. Don’t be afraid to seek help from loved ones or fund recovery services.

How can fund recovery services help?

A fund recovery company such as can investigate cybercrime because they have the experience to accurately describe how the scam works. They can help victims identify scammers and run forensic traces on the blockchain.

They provide tracking software to find where the scammers are, and sometimes with the help of lawyers and authorities, they can run a honeypot scam to catch the scammers.

Apart from this, they also inform the public with reports on the company, liaise with authorities and assist victims with their often rambling complaints before speaking to professionals.

Apart from double dip scams, Cyber-Forensics also helps Forex traders who are facing Forex withdrawal issues due to incomplete documentation or forex scams.

About Cyber-Forensics.Net:

Cyber-Forensics.Net is committed to providing the most accurate tracing service for victims of online scams. Cyber-Forensics.Net enables and simplifies the process of tracking down cybercriminals and helps recover funds and create an atmosphere conducive to a negotiated settlement. For more information, please visit

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