Don’t Look Up Outtakes Video Shows Off Meryl Streep’s Improv Skills

Clips from Don’t Look Up show Meryl Streep’s hilarious improvisation skills as she fakes phone calls while filming the Oval Office scene.

A new release Not To look for Outtakes video shows Meryl Streep’s hilarious improvisation skills while filming the Oval Office scene. by Adam McKay (Presenter, The big court) the latest film sees the three-time Oscar-winning actress play the chain-smoking President of the United States, Janie Orlean, who is initially unconcerned that a “planet killerrushes back to Earth before using the pending apocalypse for the survey points. The satire also stars Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Mark Rylance, Timothée Chalamet, Rob Morgan, Ron Perlman and Ariana Grande.


Don’t look up begins with a doctorate in astronomy from Michigan State. candidate, Kate Dibiasky (Lawrence), discovering the comet destined to cause an extinction-level event in six months. After the opening credits, Kate, her teacher, Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio) and Dr. Oglethorpe (Morgan) wait for a long it’s time to meet POTUS de Streep and his sycophant son/Chief of Staff (Hill) in the Oval Office. As Kate and Randall try to convince the powers that be to do something about the comet, madness ensues. Those involved in this scene, including Streep, said it took two days to shoot and involved a lot of improvisation and laughs.

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In an episode of seriously funny (Going through Netflix Film Club) McKay shared improvised scenes of Streep as President Orlean in Don’t look up. In one “feat of improvisation‘, the likes of which the director says he’s never seen, Streep apparently did 20-25 takes where she made unflattering phone calls before meeting Kate and Randall. Check out more than a handful of those takes below:

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For reasons similar to what you see above, Don’t look upThe Oval Office scene is perhaps the most popular, deftly setting the film’s tone and characters. And, with such a talented cast, it’s no surprise that McKay encouraged his ensemble to improvise throughout the production process. That being said, Streep also improvised the film’s mid-credits scene, where President Orlean is eaten alive by a brontaroc on a distant planet thousands of years after Comet Dibiasky’s collision with Earth.

In the aftermath of a few very political years, the strange absurdity of Don’t look up– which is reinforced by Streep’s performance – more than resonated with the audience. Since becoming available on Netflix late last year, Don’t look up achieved record ratings despite mixed reviews from critics. The film currently has a critical rating on rotten tomatoes by only 56%, against an audience score of 78%. That last number perhaps indicates how much fun the actors had making the movie and how much people like to poke fun at themselves.

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Source: Netflix Film Club/YouTube

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