DOE announces $26 million for next-generation data management research and scientific data visualization

April 14, 2022 — Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $26 million for research to advance scientific data management and visualization. Basic research in data management will address the challenges arising from the increasingly large datasets produced by scientific experiments and supercomputers. Innovative and intuitive data visualization approaches will support scientific discovery, decision-making and communication based on this data.

“Making the most of the deluge of data generated by modern scientific experiments and simulations to predict and analyze experimental observations requires new data management and visualization capabilities,” said Barbara Helland, DOE Associate Director of Science for the research in advanced scientific computing. “Not only does data need to be processed and stored at high throughputs across edge, cloud, and high-performance computing environments, but we also need to develop new visualization methods to explore that data, form hypotheses, and communicate conclusions to a wide audience. spectrum. of audiences.”

A total of $13 million will support research to optimize the management of massive amounts of data that must be moved and analyzed in reproducible ways using sophisticated mathematical techniques, including machine learning, in systems that offer both speed and flexibility. Supported research will also advance innovative techniques that leverage smart storage and networking hardware that can provide breakthroughs that address the data challenges facing scientists and engineers. Improvements in data management are expected to facilitate discovery in a wide range of fields, from materials science and chemistry to climate modeling and the development of new clean energy sources and new approaches to increasing energy efficiency. energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

A total of $13 million will support research into new techniques and theories needed to aid in the development of informative and interactive visualization of complex scientific data of interest to DOE’s mission space, from those describing astrophysical systems and terrestrial to those describing advanced manufacturing processes and quantum systems. Developing and deploying visualization tools that incorporate human-centered and interoperable design for scientific computing and simulations is key to avoiding bespoke solutions that limit the engagement of a wider range of scientists in the world. domain. Supported advancements will address the rapid expansion of data generation and availability, the complexity of data types, new visualization technologies becoming available at the edge, and the demand for decision making. periphery. Advances in visualization techniques will enable better interdisciplinary collaboration and improve communication across fields, backgrounds, and cultures. Additionally, efforts will explore how visualization can best utilize new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and haptics, as well as leverage DOE computing hardware.

Applications are open to universities, national laboratories, industry and non-profit organizations, with awards of up to three years selected competitively based on peer review. The funding opportunity announcements, “Scientific Data Management and Storage” and “Data Visualization for Scientific Discovery, Decision Making, and Communication” sponsored by the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research within the Office of sciences of the Department, can be found here.

Source: US Department of Energy

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