Covid Vaccination Status Can Be Falsified in Minutes in Service Victoria App, Developers Warn | Victoria

The developers say it only takes a few minutes to simulate vaccination status through the Service Victoria app, as the state tests the new system before lifting the lockdown later this month.

When the state hits its 70% double-dose vaccination target, fully vaccinated people will be able to enjoy new freedoms such as going to the pub or the movies, having their hair cut and attending weddings or funerals.

On Monday, the Victorian government launched an update to the Service Victoria QR code registration app, which allows users to share their Covid-19 vaccination certificate through the Medicare Express app or MyGov account with the application.

Once activated, a person’s vaccination status will appear when they register at a location, along with an animated hologram of the Victorian government logo.

Entertainment is one of the security measures the Victorian government used to prevent people with fake versions from entering places that do not allow unvaccinated people.

However, software developer Jim Mussared was one of several developers who were also able to tamper with the vaccination status in the Service Victoria app in under 10 minutes.

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Mussared said the process was “really simple”. Others had also managed to create their own version of the app from scratch, recreating the hologram animations while recording.

Mussared said it shows the need for verification using digital signatures.

“The key point is that applications are unreliable. Triangles, animated effects etc. can still be tampered with or forged, often very quickly, ”he said. “Much more than the physical equivalent.”

He said the failure was the result of the federal government not using an international standard format with a digital signature in all forms of the vaccine certificate.

Software developers have already figured out how to forge the vaccine certificate in the federal government’s Medicare Express app.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office and the Victoria Cabinet said the state was testing proof of vaccination through the Service Victoria app in the Victoria area and would not take lightly any attempt to tamper with the status of vaccination.

“Fraud is a criminal offense, which the state and federal governments take very seriously. “

New South Wales came out of lockdown on Monday, but the state has yet to launch its updated Service NSW app which includes vaccination status, with trials in regional areas not starting until this week.

Service NSW will allow businesses to verify a customer’s immunization status through the “verify license or credentials” feature on the Service NSW app which will allow them to scan a QR code on a digital certificate of a customer. client to make sure it is valid.

Ultimately, however, using the NSW Service app to check immunization status is optional, and people may otherwise choose to present their Medicare Express app, certificate through their wallet app on their phone, or a Australian Vaccination Registry paper certificate.

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