COVID-19 vaccine recipients struggle to verify eligibility for Colorado’s $ 1 million draws

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – After 13 investigations revealed a flaw in Colorado’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery for people vaccinated through the military or Veterans, dozens of people without military affiliation report that they also have difficulty finding their vaccine records in the state system.

“I also want to go for the million dollars,” said Josanna Adamson-Cauler.

She was vaccinated at the same time and in the same place as her husband, which appears in the database, but she is not.

The state uses immunization data authorized by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to select winners.

“I went to the link you provided in your story,” she said. “I put my name in there as Josanna Adamson-Cauler with a hyphen. Josanna Adamson Cauler without a hyphen, with a space, without a space, and my date of birth and security number social and it always says they can’t find my records. “

13 Investigations asked the state what people in this situation can do to verify their eligibility. According to the CDPHE:

“Providers are required to report every vaccination to CIIS and we are confident that they have entered the vast majority of doses. Vaccination providers and clinics have reported more than 5.7 million doses of COVID-19 in CIIS. For example, thousands of people contacted CDPHE to confirm that their case is in the database because they could not find it through the portal, and of this group, 99% were already in the database. If someone can’t find their record through the portal, that doesn’t mean it’s not in the database. We have 10 dedicated staff to ensure data accuracy.

The main problem is related to a mismatch between the way the provider entered an individual’s information into the database and the way individuals enter it into the portal. All fields for name, date of birth, gender, address, email and / or phone number must match exactly or the portal will not find the record. If there is a typo in the CIIS entry, the person is still eligible for the drawing. Anyone having difficulty accessing their information can contact their vaccine supplier to determine how the information was entered or contact the CIIS Helpdesk.

We want all eligible Coloradans to be vaccinated so they can be entered in the next five draws. People who now schedule their appointments should pay close attention to the personal information they submit for their appointment or give to their vaccine provider, and can verify its accuracy before submitting it. This will minimize problems if they choose to confirm their immunization records in CIIS. “

Spokesperson, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

People can reach the CIIS helpline at 303-692-2437 and choose option 2, or 1-888-611-9918 and press option 1. Adamson-Cauler told 13 Investigates that she had called the first listed phone number through the CIIS help desk and got a voicemail recording asking him to send an email next.

The state extended its Colorado Comeback Cash eligibility deadline on Wednesday. Originally set for Tuesday, June 1, those vaccinated now have until midnight Thursday, June 4 to ensure they are eligible for Friday’s first million dollar draw.

Adamson-Cauler hopes she hears from the help desk by then. Otherwise, she asks the governor to postpone the first draw.

“Governor Polis: I voted for you, but I think you are wrong on this one,” she said. “If you want to do that, you have to wait until everyone who is registered is eligible.”

People can check their eligibility for the vaccine lottery, officially called Colorado Comeback Cash, via this link.

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