Colonial Heights community unites to find beloved Shih Tzu who escaped

COLONIAL HEIGHTS – A beloved seven-year-old Shih Tzu named Pedro has been missing for four days. The Phelps family were on vacation out of state when it happened.

“My dad was watching Pedro and he got away from him,” Troy Phelps said. “He lives behind Carini. He tried to find him and couldn’t find him.”

“I felt horrible and just wanted Pedro to come home,” said Collin, Troy and Crystal’s 18-year-old son.

On Thursday, July 15, the Phelps received the devastating news. They did what they could from afar, but as one can imagine, they wished they were home so that they could help with the research.

The community has taken action to help bring Pedro home to the family who hold a special place in their hearts.

Crystal Phelps and Pedro deliver

Last year, during the unprecedented period of people fighting for equality and resisting COVID-19, Crystal Phelps started a goodwill movement in our readership area.

Founder Gini Bonnell of Richmond asked many angels across the country to follow her example by making “Be Kind” signs and sharing them with friends, neighbors, businesses, schools, and more. to spread the message of love and kindness.

Over 6,000 “Be Kind” posters have been produced by volunteers in Bonnell’s Garage to date. Every now and then, Pedro climbs into Crystal Phelps’ bicycle basket to help deliver them.

Troy Phelps and Dalton Grizzle in Daytona Beach, Florida.

A year ago, Troy Phelps donated stem cells to save the life of a stranger.

“We met recipient Dalton Grizzle in May and they invited us on their family vacation,” said Crystal Phelps. “He said if he was alive he wanted to be able to have a family vacation, and he invited us to be a part of it. That’s where we were when Pedro ran away.”

Grizzle, diagnosed with aplastic anemia, needed a stem cell transplant to survive.

Grateful for Crystal’s uplifting mission producing miles of smiles and Troy’s act of becoming a miracle blood stem cell donor, the community rallied to find Pedro.

Troy and Crystal Phelps pose for a photo with

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Gina Hope Trainor from Chester who had lost her dog Bashy in the past took action and created a “Let’s Find Pedro” Facebook account. Trainor encouraged his followers to post comments and share Pedro’s photos and information on social media platforms.

Trainor also provided advice such as not to congregate or park at or near stop signs and not to put signs on light poles, city signs or city property.

Colonial Heights Animal Services had been notified and were on the lookout. And, an experienced tracker was giving advice on how to conduct the search so as not to frighten Pedro.

“We’re in South Carolina and doing our best to make it happen! I’ll pick up my bike and ride when we get there. My husband will take our vehicle,” Crystal Phelps posted on Facebook. “Words cannot describe how blessed and loved we feel when we feel so helpless.”

“We didn’t get back to town until Saturday,” said Troy Phelps.

Unfortunately, thunderstorms occurred over the weekend, which further worried Pedro’s well-being.

Troy and Crystal Phelps take a brief moment to create a video and share information about their missing dog Pedro with the Progress-Index on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

As soon as I heard about Pedro’s disappearance, I reached out to this family that has had such a positive impact in the lives of many.

On the fourth day since Pedro had fled, I met the couple in distress who were distributing leaflets bearing hope.

The three of us created a video to help find Pedro.

Moments before I was ready to post the story to get the word out, my phone rang and a beautiful melody played in my ear … Pedro was safe and sound!

During his adventure, Pedro wandered on the four lanes of the boulevard. On Friday morning, two friends, Alston Chamberlain and Joseph Clark discovered the thrill-seeking dog in front of Carini’s house.

From left to right, Joseph Clark and Alston Chamberlain smile happily after returning the Shih Tzu Pedro to its owners in Colonial Heights, Va. On July 18.

“It came right to us,” Chamberlain said.

As Pedro’s new friends couldn’t locate his owners, they decided to look after him on their own until the shelter opened on Monday.

According to Clark’s mother, her son and Chamberlain spoiled Pedro and took him to Petsmart for supplies. When she spotted an article about Pedro on social media, she quickly provided the phone numbers to her son.

Collin Phelps expressed his gratitude for the efforts and support of the community.

“Thank you all for the incredible support we have received,” said Crystal Phelps. “I am really touched and very grateful that everyone helped us in the search for Pedro.”

“Pedro was a little stunned when he was reunited after several days of absence,” said Crystal Phelps. “He’s so happy to be home.

On his return, Pedro feasted and took a well-deserved nap.

Seven-year-old Shih Tzu Pedro is resting after being reunited with his family after missing for four days in Colonial Heights, Virginia.

“Thanks to each of you who helped out,” posted Jeri Nicole. “There are really GENRE people.”

Nicole thanked the trappers and everyone who worked on the flyers, prayed and walked around at all hours.

The Phelps family thanked the following for their assistance: Karen Thomlinson, Gina Trainor, Adam Whittemore, Kelly Jones, Nicole Clendinning, Tonya Tucker, Rob Ruxer, Susan, Chris and Katelyn Lane, Prayer Warriors, Church Family, and countless others they don’t even know.

“We are appalled by the outpouring of support from this community and the surrounding area,” said Troy Phelps.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping this sweet family. Pedro is healthy and happy,” added Nicole. “As a community, the people of Colonial Heights have come together to love and unite for a common goal… to bring Pedro HOME!”

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