Check: Why Colorado Gas Prices Are Higher Than Average

A gallon of gasoline in Colorado is more expensive than the national average price. Experts say this is in part because Colorado is where people want to be.

DENVER – A trip to the gas station can get people running a lot more than they are used to these days. According to AAA, the national average price of a gallon of gasoline is $ 3.14 and here in Colorado it’s $ 3.47. Viewer Connie wrote to our audit team asking why the Coloradans are paying higher prices. It turns out Colorado is a victim of its own tourism success.

The question

I want to know why Colorado gas prices are higher than the national average. Gas prices here were previously below average. What happened to make our prices higher and not lower?

The answer

Colorado has gas prices higher than the national average price for several reasons. It is further from supply than the states near the Gulf, and the demand is higher as more people travel to and through Colorado.

What we found

Colorado isn’t the only one with higher gas prices. In California, the average price is over four dollars.

Skyler McKinley, regional director of public affairs for AAA Colorado, says Colorado is where people want to be and as a result we end up paying more.

“As the demand for travel continues to pick up, Americans are heading west,” McKinley said. “Denver was in the top 3 destinations over the July 4th weekend, Americans are driving here, demand is on the rise, and we are pretty far from supply. Supply did not fully recover, so it was above the national average.

McKinley said other states closer to the Gulf have lower prices because it doesn’t cost as much to ship there. He also said it was normal for Colorado to fluctuate in gasoline prices and sometimes a gallon of gasoline costs less than average, and other times it’s higher.

Gas prices are expected to start falling again after Labor Day once the summer travel season begins to wind down, McKinley said.

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