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Cloudflare wants to kill the dreaded captcha for good

“Humanity wastes around 500 years a day on CAPTCHAs.” Cloudflare Imagine if you had to go through obstacles to identify weird, curly letters and select a bunch of pictures with sidewalks before reading this article? CAPTCHAs – short for Fully Automated Public Turing Test for distinguishing between computers and humans …

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Debate over vaccine passports to enter American companies

While “vaccine passport” applications are spreading to other countries, in the United States, they remain a controversial issue regarding private rights and public health. SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif .– While most people consider a “passport” to be a government-issued document, a “vaccination passport” would take paper confirmation that you have …

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How Atlanta Hires Police Officers

It’s a slogan calling on people to come in and watch the community as they see fit. ATLANTA – The Atlanta Police Department has a new slogan in their recruiting, it’s called “Be The Change”. Lt. Kristin Knight, of the Atlanta Police Department’s Background and Recruiting Unit, said the tagline …

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