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askST: No entry to malls, no food in hawking centers – what are the new rules for the unvaccinated ?, Health news and featured articles

SINGAPORE – The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced Saturday, October 9 that the secure management measures differentiated by vaccination will be extended. These measures, which are currently in effect in places like catering establishments (F&B), will be extended to places like shopping malls, attractions, as well as hawking centers and …

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Covid-19: Difficult to make vaccine certificates completely ‘fraud-proof’, but additional identity checks will help

Vaccination certificates will soon be added to our Covid-19 response, but is the process safe from fraudulent users? Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Tuesday that the Vaccine Certificates website will likely launch in November. There would be certain high-risk contexts – such as summer festivals – where immunization mandates …

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