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Inside Housing – Home – Over 60% of UK housing associations all have white management teams, diversity survey finds

Home10/26/21by Alex Turner Just over 60% of the nation’s largest housing associations all have white leadership teams, according to research from Inside the accommodation found. Illustration: Ben Tallon Divide lines 62 out of 101 housing associations responding to the diversity of @insidehousing in 2021 have all-white leadership teams, while 26 …

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‘Manc’, ‘Lancashire’, ‘chic’ or ‘Wigan’: researchers find four identifiable accents in Greater Manchester – and here’s what you do with them

Do you speak “Manc”, “Lancashire”, “chic” or “Wigan”? This is the question that a group of sociolinguists from the Manchester Metropolitan University is trying to solve. The Manchester Voices research project looked at how people speak in the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester and what people think and feel about …

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Fundraising Campaign Focuses on Affordability

True to its groundbreaking founding mission of “… any person … any study”, Cornell is launching a radical new initiative to make his education even more accessible, to ensure that the most talented students from all backgrounds are are fully equipped to lead and prosper. and meet the greatest challenges …

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