Research backgrounds

Industrial IoT and disruptors

As a market researcher, industry analyst, and consultancy firm, our independent research and analysis shows that while the hype has faded, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) industry is still growing. higher than the main industrial OT (Operational Technology) and IT companies. . But disruptors, for example in the semiconductor, automotive and …

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Boost to the Tsinghua program for quantum research

China has accelerated the pace of quantum research and the cultivation of talent in this cutting-edge science, with the launch of the new quantum information program at Tsinghua University as the latest example. At the end of May, Tsinghua announced the establishment of the Quantum Information Program, led by Turing …

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Reassessing the Limits – The New York Times

Consider your comfort level. Some people preferred not to put their privacy on the screens. “This feeling of being exposed has been a challenge for people who don’t have an environment that they feel comfortable showing to anyone on the other side of the line,” said Munmun. De Choudhury, associate …

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