Brown sets new $4 billion goal, extends BrownTogether fundraising campaign through 2024

Building on the strength of Brown’s academic programs in the arts has been a priority since the campaign’s launch, with funding supporting the growth of the Brown Arts Institute, its initiatives and its facilities. In addition to the final fundraising for a new performing arts center, which will open in 2023 and be an incubator for boundary-pushing creative work, the BAI plans in the coming years to expand its impact by forming new collaborations with other academic units and organizations across campus and the external community; develop new courses; and the creation of the Brown Artistic Innovators program, which will bring artists to campus as long-term partners with students and faculty.

Avery Willis Hoffman, artistic director of the Brown Arts Institute, said these activities will attract more students to the creative arts at Brown, regardless of their majors, an outcome that has many benefits: “If you take a holistic approach to educate students that includes their creative side and their practical or scientific side, you will produce students who have compassion, empathy and think beyond themselves, which is what we need even more today and as we move into the future,” Hoffman said. “If young people can be in a place that recognizes their humanity in this way, they will become better citizens.”

Support for students, scholarships for professional preparation

Among the most important campaign priorities of the BrownTogether launch has made a Brown education accessible to incredibly talented students, regardless of socio-economic background. Financial aid will remain a top priority during the extension.

Additional funds will be raised to fully endow The Brown Promise, which replaced loans with scholarships in all of the University’s undergraduate financial aid programs, and to complement the Veterans Financial Aid Initiative, which will allow the University to cover 100% of the total cost of attending qualified military veterans and increasing the number of student-veterans at Brown. Both initiatives have received strong donor interest and support.

A particular focus during the extension will be scholarship support for international students at Brown. The University is raising funds with the goal of becoming the sixth university in the United States to admit international undergraduate students regardless of financial need, beginning with those applying to the Class of 2029. international students will allow more students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds around the world to consider Brown as a home for furthering their college education.

“While we have seen the University’s overall financial aid budget grow significantly over the past decade, financial support for international students has not kept pace,” Paxson said. “We want to be able to admit outstanding international students to Brown, regardless of their financial resources. A diverse student body brings distinct experiences and perspectives to our global student community that helps prepare students for lives and careers with meaning and purpose in our global society.

In a separate initiative, the University aims to strengthen the student experience by raising funds to establish Brown’s best-in-class career preparation program. This vision includes refocusing Brown’s career services to encourage students to engage in internships and immersive learning experiences to explore career paths that are best suited. This also includes activating more of the alumni and parent community to serve as mentors to students; better integrate the teaching staff in the work of diversifying the professional paths of students; strengthen relationships with employers and external recruiters; and forming a stronger link between employment opportunities for students and career exploration. All of this will build on the success of the Center for Careers and Life After Brown (CareerLAB) and BrownConnect – an initiative that leverages a digital platform to connect students with alumni for mentorship, advice and internships.

Strengthening Brown’s Athletics and Recreation

BrownTogether campaign funding helped elevate Brown’s sports and recreation division and enrich the college-athlete experience with new coaching chairs, top-notch facilities for training and competition, and funds for the recruitment and development of student-athletes. Mr. Grace Calhoun, Division Vice President who joined Brown in 2021, said Brown Athletics is embarking on a bold vision for the future, and the extended campaign can bring investments that will advance a vision for ” reinventing athletics and realizing championship aspirations”.

“All of Brown Athletics and Recreation’s programs – nationally competitive varsity sports, numerous club team opportunities, lively intramurals, and classes for casual fitness participants – drive engagement, build community, strengthen pride and promote the well-being of our entire student body,” Calhoun mentioned. “These programs can transform lives through competition, holistic development and a focus on wellness, and we truly have the opportunity to rethink how and where students compete, come together and grow. “

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