Better Business Bureau Raises Awareness of Scammers Targeting Lost Pet Owners

Courtesy of the Better Business Bureau

HYANNIS – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​is warning residents of malicious schemes used by scam artists to take advantage of people who have recently lost their pets.

According to the Bureau, scammers scour social media posts to find targets who have lost their pets in an attempt to extort money from them.

Additionally, some may steal a pet from its owner and demand payment – ​​or they may sell the animal online.

In order to avoid such scams, the Bureau advises the public to avoid disclosing sensitive information in social media posts, such as a pet’s unique characteristics, to help verify whether it has indeed been found.

Citizens should also beware of scammers using “spoofed” phone numbers or numbers whose caller ID has been manipulated to make it look like the caller is nearby. To combat this tactic, always check a callback number.

Pet owners are encouraged to tag or microchip their pets. ID tags with GPS trackers are available that can trace the location of a lost animal.

Pet owners should avoid sending money or transferring money entirely.

If a pet is stolen or spotted online, call the police.

By Matthew Tomlinson, NewsCenter

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