Barry Davis ahead of Brian Stockmar and Jonathan Staufer in Vail City Council race

Teams of election judges check voters’ ballots on election day Tuesday in Eagle. The process of getting the Eagle County ballots counted requires a whole team, each doing a specific job.
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UPDATE: Barry Davis was behind incumbent Brian Stockmar by just 15 votes for the fourth and final seat on Vail City Council at 9 p.m. Tuesday. But by midnight, Davis had beaten Stockmar by 41 votes and Jonathan Staufer by nine votes to take third place in the hotly contested race.

If the results hold, Davis will win a four-year term, while Staufer will win a two-year term and Stockmar will be left without a seat.

Pierre Seibert

The unofficial election results at midnight Tuesday show Pete Seibert leading the pack with 827 votes (14.7%), incumbent Travis Coggin coming second with 676 votes (12.01%), Davis coming in third with 655 votes ( 11.64%) and Staufer falling to fourth with 646 votes (11.48%). Stockmar, the other holder in the race, fell to fifth place with 614 votes (10.91%). The first three will serve a four-year term, while the fourth will serve a two-year term.

Travis Coggin

The results will not be official for a few weeks, pending receipt of votes from overseas and the military.

Barry davis

There was a field candidate of 10 this year, with a mix of young people and experience in the squad. Three candidates grew up in town: Seibert, Staufer and Coggin. Coggin and Stockmar were the two contenders.

Jonathan staufer

There were two open seats, with Jenn Bruno and Mayor Dave Chapin leaving due to the city’s term limit rules. The new council, which meets on December 7 for the first time, will select a mayor for the next two years.

The group also included a former board member, Kim Newbury Rediker.

The other four candidates, Niko Sayag, Jermaine Wates, Kathryn Middleton and Kirk Hansen, were all running for a first term on the board.

Much of the race focused on traditional housing and transportation issues, as well as how best to address employee shortages. There have also been discussions about the possibility that the city will be too busy on certain summer weekends.

Candidates can have a wide range of opinions, but campaigns are generally civil. This has been the case this year, with the exception of a handful of “No Staufer” signs scattered around the city. Staufer dismissed the signs, saying he preferred to focus on the issues.

The same thing happened in 2019 when then-candidate Karen Perez was nominated for the board.

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